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So what's everyone's collection like at the moment?


-Galatasaray 2008/09 adidas home shirt
-Red England Umbro Steve McClaren world cup 2008 campaign shirt - real nice to play in btw IMO

-nice fake Fenerbahce home shirt with Alex on the back and an Inter one with Materazzi :D

more of a football scarf's man myself
-Olympique Marseille
-Hertha Berlin
or rugby shirts man (Italy, Ireland, South Africa and more) but definitely have to get something from Spurs soon! :D

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Milan 2001-2002 shirt
Barcelona 2000-2001 shirt
Galatasaray 2004-2005 white shirt

Threw the rest out. Now, I'll get Galatasaray's orange shirt and Juventus shirt.

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Lazio 97 - 98
Lazio 07 - 08
Argentina 94' jersey of batigoal
Argentina 98' jersey of batigol
Argentina 02' jersey of Batigoal
Fiorentina 98 - 99 jersey of Batigoal
Roma 00 - 01 jersey of Batigoal

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I have a shirt of every place I have visited :D I think its around the 13 total.

Latest additions are from last year:
HJK Helsinki shirt
FK Zadar shirt

And next week Im looking forward to add a shirt of either Alicante CF or Hercules CF. Not decided yet which to take. Also maybe a Murcia or Valencia shirt :D Can anyone tell me how much a shirt costs in the stores in Spain ? Is it the same as in Holland, like € 60,- ?

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Idk, I've got loads form when I was a kid. Shirts I still wear?

City Away 03-04
City Home 06-07
City Home 07-08
City Away 06-07
City Third 07-08
Current England GK Top
England 1982
Poland Home Current
Rangers Third 05-06

Can't think of any others, I'm not big on replica kits.

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Brazil 2006 Home
Brazil 2004 away
Brazil France 98 home
Portugal Home 2004 with Ronaldo 17 lol
Newcastle away 2007
Newcastle home 1998
Holland Home 2004
Holland away 2006
Juventus Serie B home lol
Juventus home 2008
Argentina home 2008
Real Madrid 2003 Black away
Real Madrid 2007 home
Spain home 2006
Fake Italy with del piero 7
France 2004 home

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LOL Hala Madrid :D

Haven't bougth one in two years and I don't think I ever will in the future.

Juventus 05/06 home
Juventus 04/05 home
Juventus 03/04 home
Juventus 01/02 away
Juventus 96/97 home
Barça 00/01 home
Italy EC04 blue
France WC02 blue

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Juve :2000-2001(tele + sponsor home), 2002-2003(away white), 2003-2004(home), 2004-2005(Del Piero 10 home), 2005-2006(home), 2006-2007(black home shirt) and 2007-2008(away blue shirt).

Arsenal 2002-2003(home) and 97-98(home).

Barcelona 2001-2002(home).

Liverpool 97-98(home).

Ajax 94-95(home).

France WC 2002(away white).

Bayern Munchen 2000-2001(home red).

Holland 2003(black shirt).

Lazio 2003-2004(away shirt).

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Zidane Real Madrid blue away
Ronaldo Real Madrid home
Raul Real Madrid home
Robinho Real Madrid blue away
Roberto Carlos Real Madrid grey away
Guti Real Madrid home
Casillas Spain
Joaquin Spain
Al Karimi Iran

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- A couple of Barcelona.
- Jordan's national team
- Al Faisaly (local team)
- Cameroun home jersey
- Brasil home jersey
- A Juve jersey given to me by a friend (Kappa, blue and yellow)
- My high school team jersey :D

No names or numbers on them, except for the high school one.

I'm currently looking for the Catalan home jersey, but it's hard to find, even on the internet.

Barcelona is quite popular i see :)

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Fenerbahce 04/05 Home stripes, Tuncay.
Fenerbahce 06/07 Home Stripes.
Fenerbahce 07/08 Turqoise kit Roberto Carlos.
Newcastle 06/07 Home stripes Emre.
Inter blue and black stripes and yellow 3rd jersey (dont remember what year) Emre on both
Barcelona Home stripes.
United States Home white shirt, Donovan.
Holland orange shirt.
Turkey red shirt Hamit Altintop.
and a Bursaspor warm up green jacket

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I got some old shirts that I hardly wear, but I was quite a collector as a kid. I have shirts from Celtic (home), Lyon (from waaay before the glory years, home), Ireland, Atletico Madrid (away, youth sin I know), Nigeria, Porto and some more fake ones.

I'm not really into buying that stuff anymore, although there are a few shirts that I would like to purchase, maybe to use when sporting myself. Looking for a Standard jersey and I'd also love to have something South American.

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Arsenal 02/03 Home
Arsenal 02/03 Henry Away
Juventus 03/04 Home (I think)
Arsenal 06/07 Henry Home
AC Milan 07/08 Kaka Home
Arsenal 08/09 Fabregas Home
Inter 08/09 Ibrahimovic Home

and I'm getting

Valencia 08/09 David Villa Home

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Liverpool 2001-2002
Liverpool 2005` Istanbul
and 3 fake shirts

Samdoria 2004-2005 home shirt

2 or 3 england white shirt
barcelona home shirt 2006-2007

and more than 10 fake shirts for different clubs like milan, juve, brazil, england.. etc :)
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