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Now that we have overcome 40 points and we are sure to participate in the next serie A championship it's time to analyze which could be the changements of the next summer and the Sampdoria of the next season.

Antonioli has showed during the season that he is one of the best Italian goalies and he is surely confirmed. Turci also showed that he is an excellent n.12 but unfortunately I don't think that he will accept the bench and probably he will look for another club which can grant him a place in the starting lineup. The replacement of Turci could be one of the interesting goalies in the Youth teams of Sampdoria (Bianchi and Mangiapelo), but more easily Sampdoria will get a goalie with bigger experience, maybe from a swap with Turci.

This is the part of the team which absolutely need to be strengthened, above all in the middle. Falcone is the only center back of good level right now, but he is injuries prone to knees. That means that one more center back could be not enough. Castellini from Parma should be the man. He is a former Samp player and also a Samp supporter. Mirko Conte, whose contract expires at the end of this season, and Carrozzieri could be confirmed as benchers, but they could also leave.
Grandoni and Domizzi will hardly come back from Modena.
As regards the side back the situation on left should be: Bettarini in the starting lineup with the young Pisano from Brescia as sub.
On the right flank we just know the sub, that means Sacchetti, whose contract will be prolonged for one season, while Zenoni, who did not convince the coach, should go back to Juventus and the contract of Sakic will expire.

Diana, Volpi, Palombo and Doni will all play with Samp the next season. Pagano, the sub of Doni, is just on loan from Atalanta till the end of the season and should be bought in my opinion.
Donati will go back to Milan, so Antonini, while the contracts of Pedone, Valtolina and Zivkovic will hardly be prolonged. Rumors regars the Hungarian of Werder Bremen Lisztes and the Belgian of Anderlecht Baseggio, who could replace Doni and Volpi respectively.

Flachi and Bazzani will be more than probably with Sampdoria even in the next season. Cipriani will probably go back to Juventus (or to Bologna). Yanagisawa will go back to Antlers, while the Camerounian Job could be loaned in serie B. Corrado Colombo won't come back from the loan.
The new man could be Kamara from Modena, a player who is considered the "Henry of serie A".

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Well it is hard to predict teams such as Samp because they will be involved in many exchanges, and buys from Serie B (probably) etc.

But here is what I would like, not what i expect.

The 2 goalies to remain. If Turci does want to leave, then any signing from Serie B would be useful. Ferron from Como is experienced enough to be a reserve goalie too :rolleyes: I dont like him too much though.

In defence, I expect changes like you, iw ould like Samp to try for my fave defender, Barzagli :D Castellini would be a good signing, also Di Loreto from perugia (should they go down) is a decent defender. Full backs, Maggio of Fiorentina is a good young one, more experienced... Simic from Milan, or any others I dont know of :eek: Or loan Ferronetti of Roma :D

Midfield, well Listzes or Juninho would be very good buys, not much change needed except maybe some signings for back ups... gatti of Perugia is an interesting young player or you can even loan Aquilani from Roma if we dont need him. Castanzo from your youth will be promoted too I think.

Attack, Bazzani, Flachi and Kamara would be a good 3 set of attackers plus 1 other, whether he be young or experienced... Oh sorry you got Floro Flores too which would make the 4 I suppose.
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