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THE HEADLINE could have also been THE REFEREE SCANDAL but the game was based in Salzburg. And also in the racistic disgrace comment at Real Zaragoza v Barca i gave the headline THE CASE ZARAGOZA ...
So pls don't mind!



The Austrian Club Football reached it's temporary tale last Sunday in the match between Leaders FK Austria Vienna and hosts Salzburg at Wals-Siezenheim stadium.
In a match where FK Austria almost could have won the title with an away victory and with a Salzburg side who had had to win the game to remain in the title race the
game was a great prospect for the Austrian Bundesliga.
But what followed is the ultimate blame for ridicolous football rules and their unsensitive execution. Salzburg went up in the 19th minute when former German international
striker Alexander Zickler scored with a fine effort.
With the Leaders 0-1 down any game of this kind should promise much for the remaining minutes, but one man should deny all this. Maybe it was not only one man, maybe
they were two. But who did finally disturb this game so dramatically?
REFEREE DRABEK & SALZBURG COACH JARA. Within the 26th minute Salzburg defender Alexander Pöllhuber gets cautioned by referee Dietmar Drabek for wearing
a merchandise wristband. Already this decision is an unbelievable act in such a prestigeous and important match.
But what followed is nearly unthinkable in the Big Leagues of Football. Within the same minute Austria Vienna striker Roland Linz went towards his coach Frenkie Schinkels.
The player is allegated that he handed over a wrist-band to Schinkels. Infact Linz and the football club Austria Vienna deny these allegations. Not so seemed to be done by
Salzburg coach Kurt Jara, who proved absolut no fair-play when he emerged the fourth official of the game on the fact that Linz had handed over questionable property to his
coach. Also the audience seemed only to request a second caution (Linz had been cautioned minutes before for 1st time) for the Austria striker when the made themselves
to be heared. The official statement of Linz and Austria Vienna is that Linz only handed over Red Bull merchandise, with which claimed to be shot during his appearance on the
But if you think this is already unbelievable enough, please read further. In fact the fourth official didn't find anything that changed the initial innonce of the Austrian striker in that
case he was consulted by referee Drabek for his expertise. Seemingly the 4th official had only trusted to the Salzburg coaching staff he recommended the referee to sent-off
Linz (based on allegations only!). Drabek strictly and unconvincibly by almost the whole Austria Vienna team went on to sent-off Linz within a moment. Linz didn't want to went-off
explained the fourth offical abouth his misjudgement, but the official insisted on his decision and Linz had to went-off within the 29th minute.
Austria Vienna striker Sigurd Rushfeldt (45+1.,55.) had two chances to bring Austria back into the game, but in the end not the capability of play did decide that game, it was
more a 11:10 advantage, which was not responsible for the 1:0 but maybe for the fact that it remained for a long time at that score. Late in the game again Zickler (72.) and
Salzburg striker Marc Janko (88.) scored the two other Salzburg goals that afternoon but they were shot about from the unnatural spotlight that referee Drabek had put on himself
by his self-highlighting decision.
As referee Drabek didn't even mention the incident in the offical match report the football club FK Austria Vienna protested against the result on Monday. Austria striker Roland Linz
was cleared of his yellow-red card and is therefor available for the re-match on Sunday at Vienna but the result was confirmed.
Austria can only hope that referee Drabek will reconsider his senses next time and act more respectfully. Because a supporter (of both teams) don't want to see matches decided
on questionable decision (like wearing wristebands) instead of 11:11 exciting play. And Salzburg coach Kurt Jara should reconsider whether a coach of international class, which
he considers himself of course, requires really the support of the 4th official to win crucial games.

At least the fact that that will not always happen will save football starting from next weekend.

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