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The run-ins
With just four matches remaining, the run-in is hotting up. All sides have two home and two away fixtures awaiting them. In the fixture list below, the head-to-heads are underlined.

22 April Reggina-Milan; Juventus-Fiorentina; Inter-Bari; Roma-Parma; Piacenza-Lazio
30 April Milan-Piacenza; Bari-Roma; Lazio-Venezia; Perugia-Inter; Verona-Juventus; Parma-Udinese
7 May Roma-Milan; Inter-Fiorentina; Bologna-Lazio; Juventus-Parma
14 May Milan-Udinese; Cagliari-Inter; Perugia-Juventus; Lazio-Reggina; Verona-
Roma; Parma-Lecce

Ans amo said milan have the hardestime road BULL****
u have juve and roma
we only have roma
Inter have the easiest road but they are the furtherest back
So all in all inter has the easiest followed by milan roma and the PARMA


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