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The game ended with a very positive result today, but we received some rather harsh news in the way of Conte and Maldini are probably out for Thursday's game vs. Holland or Yugo. The game today was determined during a 10-minute span of the first half. After playing clumsy, stupid football for 30 mins., the Azzurri struck like they have all tournament - against the grain of play and on the counter. Totti scored a beautiful goal, beating Stelea cleanly, although Inzaghi looked offsides on the goal. In the 43rd minute, an amazing through ball by Albertini, the man of the match, set Inzaghi free, and he finished it really nicely. Inzaghi was only called offsides today 5 times and only missed 3 easy goals. Great game for him. Albertini made about 5 passes that players only make once a game. Unbelievable performance by Albertini, far greater and more noticeable than Fiore. We won't miss Conte. He's playing rather average. Zambrotta has produced nothing on the wing. Iuliano and Nesta played impeccable today, while Cannavaro had a few bad balls. Totti hustled his ass off and produced an important goal and momentum for the team. Very pleased to be in semi-finals, but realize we need more. Forza.
Toldo: A. Straight-up, firm and confident.
Nesta: A-. Worked it out and came through as the organizer. Class. Never a bad game.
Cannavaro: B+. Resolute, as the Brits call him. Strong, too, and plays w/ pride.
Iuliano: A. Great and brave performance by the Juve back. One helluva an effort.
Maldini: B. Greatness, but partially injured. Tried, cared and true. Praying on his return.
Zambrotta: C-. Regrettably, it just ain't working out. He needs confidence on the international scale.
Fiore: B-. Solid but played more defensively than as a playmaker. Still, we need this fella on the field. Still managed a couple a nice passes.
Albertini: A+. The unexpected and unforecasted greatness from a player I, among others, have lashed. I can now only bow, and admit: "I'm not worthy."
Conte: C. I repeat: Timing's off.
Totti: B+. Superb, splendid over-all effort for the master. Still a few balls off though.
Inzaghi: B-. Nice effort. Glad he got some confidence and a goal for his mom, but still prefer Montella in this spot.
Pessotto: B+. Just cause of one spectacular defensive maneuver.
Del Piero: C. Nothing doin'.
DiBiagio: C+. Average at best.
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