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I see lately threads asking wich league will suffer more without foregneirs, and which is the league you like the least...which leads me to an answer, and a more important question:

The answer is that every League will adapt, and the suffer here is perhaps more regarding to the spectacle is going to be show in the pitch in that hipotetic scenario. Which leads also to tradition, so the league I dislike the most, in fact is more related to the type of playing that rules in the League, than to a question of quality.

I can't aboard this thread, without falling in simplifications, and generalizations, so I will use them only to start, the thread will take charge of fill all the grey areas.

I will focus on brazilian, uruguayan and argie players, and thought there were tons of defenders, temperamental bricklayers, that excell, and not, from this countries, the thing that mostly Europe search from this side of the Atlantic was:

Capacity of dictate a game, playmaker role

So the question, How much influence has foreigners players in the style of play in your European countries?

In football contagoius is everything, is not the same being a kid training everyday beside Maradona, than Simeone.
To start, having the presence of players from this three SA countries create some sort of let's say school?, for instance in the past sure Italy benefit of it, and even with there obsession of first not loosing, then winning, sure the Orsis, Sivoris, Maschios plant their seeds...

On the other hand, how this changes, perjudicates SA, with players being bought at early ages, when the clubs have the same urge of winning at all cost and won't have patience to a new kid to throw a nutmeg.

Last year in Argentina (this new pre season looks better in paper) was a high speed game, all about the rival's error, and the big boys noticed that in this way it is equallized in mediocre standarts, and oopps surprise! they are not for instance playmakers avaiable, the ones left: foreigners or young, cost a lot, and the work in youngsters producing phisical athletes instead of players is giving its "fruits" now, a reverse process happens here, while other SA countries improve their tecnich, and in Europe, countries like Spain, France, and Portugal focus in that aspect since time, and their fruits are there.

Well I invite to discuss, certainly boring not like Henry, Robben, C.Ronaldo are garbage because of the colour of their shirt, no?
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