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The Real Madrid Tactic issue

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Yesterday we played Helguera officially as a Sweeper. This is something completly diffrent then before. I wonder what you members at this board think Del Bosque should use. Yesterdays tactic or this one. Also, the Starting eleven is something we should discuss.

Macca Savio


As our subs we all know Hierro will be back and take either of the D spots. And Balic might make it left and Geremi can play at any right position. Anelka and Mori would have to rotate or that sweeper tactic would include him.
Guti can rotate in the center (mostly with Helguera)

Also, i have heard Celta coach Fernandez is linked with the club, his contract expires after this season and he hasnt renewed it. This might happen if Del Bosque dont get any trophies his season (CL).
This is a nice rumor, since Fernandez has gained a lot of respect the past two years.

What do you think?

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I'd stick with Savio for the time being as we all know what he can do. The only problem he has is that he is not strong enough and sometimes shoots when a pass would be the better option.
Geremi at right back can not be complained with as I have had questions about Salgado as a defender all season.
It's true our right side is of little problem as Ger and Salgado can play at rb and Macca and Ger can play at right midfield. This means that all the right sided players are on form.
I mean the thing is that we have a lot of good players who we will have to leave out and any case that ismade will holds it's merits. I couldn't argue with people who say we should drop Savio for Bajlic or Geremi for Salgado. It's a nice situation to be in and lets hope that we WIN in Munich.
the days of yore........ahhhh
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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