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Unfortunately the youth team lost yesterday’s semifinal in the Primavera. I know the team holds promising players as Zanchi, Maresca and Gusman, but can anyone (Glen, perhaps ;) ) tell me/us more about the talents on the team. Who are the stars of tomorrow? Are any of them ready to join the team in Serie A?

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OK Ulrik :) ;

First off let me say that the official site, Gazzetta and Calciomercato all agreed that it was an unfortunate loss. Bari scored in the 1st and 92nd minute and had little more to offer before pressuring in the last quarter of an hour, while Juve hit the posts 4 times through Guzman, Gasbarroni and Sculli (86th minute :(), in the 88th Juve's right defender Bracco recieved his second yellow and then... :(.

Bari were without Cassano, but other than that they played all the players who ensured their divisional title. They won the second Primavera group ahead of Lazio and Roma.

Juve on the other hand were without: Rigoni, Maresca, Lavecchia and Redavid who are all Italian youth internationals and regulars on the Primavera team. Still our youngsters have had a fine season, and looks certain to contend for honours in an even more serious way next season as Juve has made some quality purchases.

You ask for big talents- The four players missing plus Guzman, Sculli, Brighi (coming next season) and Scardina in particular.
Some of the others are only 17 but Gasbarroni and Pellegrini should be very talented as far as I know, and D'Amico is every bit as talented as Isaksson who didn't make last nights game either.

Obviously it's always hard to predict who'll turn out to be diamonds, but as I've said before U-21 coach Tardelli has stated that he'd never seen a more talented crop than ours.

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