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i watched the Us costa rica game and it ended with a phantom hand ball. reyna ( us captian) went after the ref and had to be restrained several times.......and then he actualy threw someting at the ref......it was a worse call then abels because it never touched the us defenders hand....but the point i'm trying to make is why isn't there an uproar from the pundits????? reyna really lost control and threw an article at the ref. he made the portuguese players look like stand-ins for a bad b movie cat fight..................does the us control the soccer world too? p.s the ref in is critical condition with a broken nail..will keep u posted.
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us-costa rica is nowhere near a portugal-france euro 2000 semifinal game. and also right before this call the us should have been called for a penalty when hejduk took down a costa rican player in the box. basically it was a make-up call.

I was hoping the US would win but...
What was that game for? A friendly or a qualifier to World cup 2002?
it was a world cup qual........ I saw the trip up a few mimutes before and i do not believe in make up calls. the ball went off his head with arms on his side. Why didn't we get a make up call....00opps golden goal. I wanted the us to win...but reyna made nuno look like a scorned school girl.......u can't throw things at the ref even if it was his captains arm ban........the officials have gotten worse through the ages........ they are supposed to the best at that level.but frankly i could do a better job.

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