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The 'physically inferior' theory

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I listened to the post game interview with Harazi where he said that "it is a fact that the Europeans are physically superior to us and although we made a progress in recent years the difference is still big". As we probably all know, this theory is 'well known' in Israel and was used as an excuse many times. What I want to ask is simply, do you think that this is a real reason or just a poor excuse to cover the reality in which we have a general lazy attitude and lack of will to work hard in order to succee? Opinions? :undecide:
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Poor, lousy excuse. We are maybe physically inferior, but you have other teams, southern European mostly which are also physically inferior, and they are doing much better than us.
Our main problem is our mentality and then laziness.
Absolutely agree. I think that our players just don't train and work hard enough. Also the quality of our league is too low. Our national team players play against teams like Rishon or Maccabi Petach Tikva. Then the next week they are expected to play against Germany or Denmark. It just doesn't work.
I agree too, there all just too lazy...just look how Gravesen was free all last night, noone could have tackleed him?? of course they could and stop him
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