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The Olympics

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Anyone have any idea how many players from the national squad of Italy are permitted to participate in the olympics team?
And who are the likely candidates? Rumors say R. Baggio and C. Vieri. Can anybody confirm this?
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I think 3 seniors are allowed in the Olympic team. I hope that it will be Vieri, Totti(or Fiore), Nesta(or Baggio). Zambrotta, Ambrosini and Abbiati are all under 23 so they will be in the team aswell. I'm going to see the Australia-Italy game and I can't wait.
You will not see Vieri but I think NEsta is one of them but not sure about the other 2;3,,I think they are able to take 4,,,:confused:
I think, it is 3 players. I reckon it won't ne Nesta :( or other young players.
I think Italy will bring Maldini, Robby Baggio, and one more senior player, let's say Di Biagio or Conte.
Maldini - Difensore
Di Biagio/Conte - Centrocampista
Baggio - I rate him as a striker.
Makes sense:
Isn't Tardelli planning on not taking anyone over 23?
Primo: From what I've heard, he is going to stick with the players that won him the U-21 European Championships. In other words, no over-23 players.

Although this is probably a good way to preserve the chemistry the squad currently has, I would love to see R. Baggio get the chance to win something significant with the azzuri (and Maldini as well). These guys deserve it! Even if Tardelli wanted Vieri, he wouldn't be available. The word is that he won't be fit for Italy's WC 2002 qualifier against Hungary on September 3. He will be training without the ball for the next 6-8 weeks (running only).

Anyways, in the end I don't think it will matter because the Italians will win with or without over-23 players.
3 players over 23 will be in the olympic team, the rest will be under 23, that means Ambrosini, Zambrotta and Abbiati will be in the Olympic team. I hope Vieri will come if he is fit because the Australians like him alot(he lived in Aus for 12 years I think), but I think his injury will not allow him to come.
It's all about U-21 Italian player plus 3 senior players.
Vieri is going nowhere, since he's injured :(
IL TORO whereabout in OZ you live in?
I live in Sydney.
I live in Sydney too :) Are you going to watch Olimpics game? I mean a soccer games?
If you have time, send me an e mail to [email protected]
Just an FYI
Schedule for Olympics:

Sept 13
Italy v Australia

Sept 16
Italy v Honduras

Sept 19
Italy v Nigeria
I'm going to watch the Italy-Australia game.
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