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Al-Ittihad stressed adherence to sound Saleem Fitch

The Office of the Egyptian coach Al-Ahli:
Portuguese Manuel Jose after the Federal Department strained relationship between the coach and the club after failing to lead the club to maintain the leadership of the African continent and the loss at home in front of fans and the Al-Nejm Al-Sahli Tunisia three goals against a goal, which aroused the masses that drove him responsibility and demanded cancel knots and the search for a replacement.
Office contracts coach Jose expressed a desire to terminate its relationship with Al-Ahli Egyptian linked to a contract extended for seven months to come.
Unionists did not comment on the presentation Club President Jose But Mansour Al-Bulowi stressed his administration's current sound Khalilhovi instructor who achieved satisfactory results with the team that kept them on top of the throne excellent.
The group continued federal sphere laying preparation on the first two morning and evening amid discipline and the seriousness of all the players focused coach Khalilho properly inspected aspects Fitness and tactical and Skill players and subjected Mohamed Nour, Aqeel Abdulaziz al-Karni Haider for special training on the sand with the rest of the players led Fitness exercises under the supervision of fitness coach Tojo.
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