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The NSL Finals and other

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related issue

Seriously guys and girls WHY has no topic been made about this considering we are into the 3RD WEEK!!! of the finals :eekani: :confused:

Is it because there are no Italian community teams involved my Italia-Australian friends? Is it because all the Croatian backed teams have been eliminated Cro-Aussie friends? Is it b/c our Greek friends seem to be with us no longer? Is it because the Portugues-Aussies and the Chilienas-Aussies don't have team to support. Or is it cause the NSL is so crap that nobody can be bothered talking about it?

Despite the fact the NSL is probably at an all time low :sigh: :Groan: and SocOZ is as incompetant as ever :rollani: :frustrat:, there are some bright lights in Perth (not that they shouldn't be), especially Newcastle :cool: (a regional team who turn out in numbers unlike the Wolves fans who still struggled to attract 10K + when they were dominating the league) and the new look Olympic "sharks" to a lesser extent.

I didn't see friday night's game @ EnergyAustralia stadium since i don't think it was on TV here :irritate: :fero: but apparently not only was the crowd out in force (almost 20K) but the quality of the game was about as good as you would ever see for the NSL :cool:. Maybe KI or someone with PayTV can clarify this.

Today's game was also quite good (although South were a little below par but not allowed to get into the game by the Sharks), although i am still peeved that the game was moved to Marconi which again demonstrated SA's incompetance & stupidity (you would think they'd have learn't from last year's GF but apparently not :neutral: )

On another note, today's game was broadcast on Sportswatch. What you ppl think of this new show. Obviously Ch7 have a big hole to fill after losing the AFL coverage but i like the show and am glad Bruce is back since i think he's the best Sports journo in Australia. I know ppl have criticised the little ESPNesque "rolling ticker" at the bottom of the screen but i think its a great way to keep up with other sport while watching something like the soccer, motor-racing etc...
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Well I am glad you started this thread Andreas :) I had already made a couple of topics about the finals just before they started but that is all that has been discussed about them :dazed:

Friday nights game was all Newcastle and they came very close to pinching another goal and going on to host the grand final and leaving Glory to do it the hard way. They really had nothing to lose and their only option was to attack and when Kyle Patterson described it as "Premier League pace" yesterday On "On the Ball" I think he was almost right.

There was about 17,500 people at the game and if you put that together with our 31,963 the week before when Glory won 4-1 at Subiaco Oval it is an excellent result for the NSL with almost 50,000 people going to the two games ;)

It was excellent to see the game on Sportswatch yesterday. When I saw it in the paper I thought there must have been some sort of error :D I must agree Andreas that show is pretty good, it even shows the results from all the major European leagues, something you don't see here except for SBS :cool:

Can't wait till the GF on May 12 :cool:
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Andreaus, If you want the game to get bigger come out to marconi this saturday and watcht he youth australian title. It kicks off at 3pm. Another thing Andreaus, im not trying to be an a s s h o l e to you I agree with you that not enough people are going to the NSL matches but there is still interest look at Newcastle and Perth , Neither team from Italian or croation back ground. And Those teams like Marconi get piss poor crowds.:D
Thanks for the reply KI :rollani:. I think thats the longest reply you have ever made that doesn't involve an article :D :proud: :cool: ;)

To be honest i wish Newcastle had won 3-0 and then the final would have been here on the east coast and i would only have to travel a few hours by car to the game :sigh:. In fact Newcastle would be one of the few venues i'd even consider going to since the crowd atmosphere is as good as it is in Perth (from what i have see @ RL games on TV and although the ground is ageing a little, its in a central, easy to get to location (Lambton) and has a lot of history surrounding it with the Knights rugby league team doing so well there :cool:.

Abt the game last friday. I was interested to see Kyle mention the speed of the game since most football pundits are more obsessed with technique and skill than the pace of the game. F.ex the English top flight has always had the fastest play in the world, but before the Premier league and influx of quality foreign players, the standard and quality of the play was probably not so good. However from the highlights i saw of the game, there was plenty of technique and skill involved and i thikn local sides have always tried to play that way, but generally the speed of the game suffers to the point where it is too slow and thus not too effective :sigh:

Power fan, if you read my post carefully you would have noticed that i praised Perth and Newcastle for leading the way in Oz soccer. The problem does not lie with them. The reason why ppl such as myself don't attend games is b/c we are protesting at the state the league is in (desperately needs reform) and because of the many suspect decisions Soccer Australia make (they are in need of reform also - i.e get rid of them all and start over or get an independant commission to run the game). If ppl turned up at games because they liked soccer (enough of those types in Oz to fill all the grounds) then SA would have even less incentive to reform the league b/c they would think that there wasn't a problem.

To be honest the biggest problem with the NSL is that the standard of play has dropped because so many players are going o/s. However this is a problem in many european leagues where the standard is significantly below that of the top european leagues. Scott Chipperfield's team (FC Basel. Switzerland) for example play in front of 30,000+ spectators at every home game. Why? because the league is well run and not being chopped & changed every year (well they are reverting from a split season format to a 36 game league season with ONLY 10 teams [take note SA] because apparently this is the maximum number financially viable. Similarly, you wonder why players would drop everything to trial in a league like Norway in the middle of an NSL season when the standard there is probably not much better than NSL. Easy, because they have a 14 team comp that has 14 teams every year and several teams that draw 10,000 plus crowds on average every week. Of course, football is the major football code in both of these (and just about all european)

Another reason why some teams draw poor crowds here is b/c of the state of the grounds :rollani:. How the f^ck SA decided to move yesterday's game to Marconi stadium (among the worst in the league) i will never know :mad:. Olympic even offered to pay SA to play at a quality stadium like North Sydney Oval (which would have been not as far for their fans to travel also ):eekani: but SA refused :devil: :sigh:
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Grand Final tickets hot property...

Grand Final tickets were the hottest item in Perth today with over 23,000 sold :eek:

The game seems certain to be a sell out :cool:

Golden Members and Season Ticket Members were able to buy tickets today, with Members able to purchase tickets from 9am to 5.30pm on tomoorow (Tuesday. They are allowed two budget tickets per member and the official supporters club members can get their's from 2pm to 5.30pm on Tuesday. They can buy two budget tickets per member.

Any remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public from 9am on Wednesday.

Meanwhile Newcastle officials expect the club’s crowd record for EnergyAustralia Stadium set during last Friday’s major semi-final second leg against Perth to be broken when United hosts Olympic in the preliminary final on Sunday.

A crowd of 17,503 people attended the match as Newcastle beat the Glory 2-0, and they think this week will surpass the 18,367 that turned up to Newcastle KB United’s clash with Sydney Olympic in 1979.

The Kngiths are playing away (rugby league side) and some Olympic fans will come along so there is a good chance of the record being broken.

All smiles everywhere for the last two games of the NSL season :) It could nudge the record for the biggest crowd attendence for the finals in NSL history :hopefull:
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Andreaus, Look the truth is soccer australia has already said they are keeping the league the same for next season. As if they are gonna change because you and a few internet people don't like it. You say you are an australian soccer fan so if you are go the games. It is fun come to parra's games there is a group of 40-50 of us who take drums and sing all game, if you come you will see it is fun.
but i might live a million miles from Parra stadium :tongue:. Sydney is a big place you know ;)

I admire your dedication none the less. You guys must stand out a lot too since i heard hardly anyone goes to the Power games :sigh:. I think part of the problem (apart from on field perfomances being continually below expectation) is that Marconi and Sydney Utd are drawing from your potential supporter base. If both these teams were axed i reckon the Power's crowds would triple although many of these fans may not initially support the power because of their links with the RL club (a good idea IMO) and because some do not percieve the Power as multicultural/cosmopolitan but aimed at the mainstream Australian anglo saxon/celtic community (a theory which is rubbish IMO )

BTW what made u think i lived in Sydney when its not in my profile :confused:

p.s i reckon next year will come around and SA will again postpone the restructure of the league for another season :rollani:. I reckon there would be more chance of that happening than a total restructure of the league :( :sigh:
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Andreas said:

BTW what made u think i lived in Sydney when its not in my profile :confused:

I think he heard you mention it somehwere on the forums and he might have seen it in your profile before when you had Sydney in there.

By the way, 30,000 tickets sold for the Grand Final already :cool: I got mine ;) Tickets will be on sale for the General Public from tomorrow. Looks like it will be packed to the rafters for the Mothers Day game and maybe we will break our NSL record that we set for the 2000 Grand Final of 43,242 :cool:
Good to hear you got your tickets :cool:

Just a shame that you and the other 42,000 will be once again be left disappointed when the other "steel city" grabs the title from Perth's grasp :tongue: :sigh: ;)
Andreaus, I don't have a clue where you live in Australia im just trying to ghet people to get into the NSL. And obviously you and other people on this forums like NSL. I know we have had bad crowds considering the highest crowd this season was 6000+, but next season we want bigger crowds.
Grand Final is sold out :cool: BAM, KABOOM, 41000 tickets snapped up. The other 2000 tickets are for now the property of Soccer Australia and will be given to fans of the opposition and competitions ;) If they are not sold they will go on sale again to Glory fans who don't have any.

If you want to win some go to www.socceraustralia.com.au
hmmn King Italy seems very quiet :D. Hasn't shown his face around XT at all :dielaugh: :tongue:

Its ok KI, come out we won't bite or mugh you...........probably....maybe ;) :nasty: :finger: ;) :D
What you on about Andreas? :D Aren't you a Glory fan too? :DOr did you swtich to Olympic? :dielaugh:
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