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Supporters in two northeastern cities are celebrating the imminent arrival of the biggest clubs in Brazil, Maceio, in Alagoas, and Joao Pessoa, in Paraíba are to to host the first games in the Champions Cup. Whoever wins the Libertadores Cup will have the right to participate in the Champions Cup.

Of the eight clubs that will play in the tournamemt, four are already known. America Mineiro, the Southern Minas champions, Palmeiras, Rio-Sao Paulo, Cruzeiro, runners up in the Southern Minas championship and Sport, winners of the Northeast Cup.

The other four teams will soon be known. The champions in the states of Rio and Sao Paulo already have their places reserved, and the remaining clubs will be selected from Sao Raimundo, the northern champions, Vitoria, runners up in the northeastern division and Goias.

22/06 – Sao Raimundo vs. Vitoria (Manaus)
27/06 – Vitoria vs. Goias (Salvador)
30/06 – Goias vs. Sao Raimundo (Goiania)

The games will be played in two legs and only the final will be decided in one game.

America Mineiro vs. Sport Recife (GameA)
Flamengo or Vascovs.x 1st team in (GameB)
Sao Paulo or Santos vs. 2nd team in (GameC)
Palmeiras vs. Cruzeiro (Game D)

The semifinals will be played between the winners of Games A and C and B and D.
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