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Schuster's dream is Poulsen
The Danish of Sevilla is the wished one for the madridista midfield
The main problem is the bad relationship of his agent with Mijatovic
Schuster: "You can not demand a coach three titles in his first season"
Depor-Madrid: Madrid against 16 years of "witches" in Riazor

Barcelona-Schalke: A sweet in the CL
Getafe-Bayern: A bomb in the UEFA Cup

Alonso will need all his magic next midnight

Witches against the leader
Madrid don't win at Riazor since 16 years and 164 days ago
Surprising attack in Riazor: Drethe, Raul and Soldado

European draw: Easy for Barcelona and a monster for Getafe

Blatter challenges the Spanish government again

The new stadium will give Atletico 25M per year

Valencia-Sevilla: Criticism from Koeman and doubts in Sevilla

Alonso only wants to reach the points

This Champions League YES!

Barcelona get Schalke, a rival that allow us dream with the semis
Roma or Man Utd. would be the last challenge before the final of Moscow

Txiki tells the President of Getafe that "we won't 'touch' Laudrup"
Messi, Marquez, Zambrotta, Touré and Deco will mis the game in Almeria

UEFA Cup: Getafe will dance with the ugliest one

Madrid visit their jinx stadium

Take care
Aguirre warns that the game against Levante is a "live or die" game
"The Basque" considers that the next 3 games will set the fate of Atletico in La Liga

Targeting Sevilla
Athletic will look for a victory in the Ruiz de Lopera which would launch them towards the calm zone
Caparrós recovers Orbaiz for "his" derby although suggests that he'll start from the bench
Caparrós: "Beating Betis would be amazing"

We must do it now
Barça get an accessible team in the QFs and will face an interesting rival in the semis to make the dream of the final real

Closed enemies
Koeman gets mad: "It seems that there's only a holy cow and that's me" - "Very few players can be happy with their performances" - "I have more titles than most of the people here" - "If they let me keep changing things, we'll finally have an important club"

The green blood boils
Chaparro doesn't care about the morbid situation and targets 3 points that would certify the salvation
Lopera: "I don't demand anything from the fans"

Valencia-Sevilla: Lethal wings challenge at Mestalla

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Been an old service of K4 which went a bit unattended over the last few months, but in any case a big thank you to the great man for taking time everyday religiously for the last edition. Hopefully this one will be the same as that. :)

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Football newspapers... if you like them, Spain is the place :pp

Nice work.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plain? It's... SUPERALONSO!
The Asturian finish in 4th position starting from the 11th place in a GP full of accidents
Ferrari broke two engines
Hamilton, first leader

Briatore about Alonso overtaking Kovalainen: "Ron Dennis must have the balls in the neck"

La Liga
2-2: Barça don't want to win La Liga

Real Madrid recover "Van Gol" in a key moment

Barça draw in Almeria and give Madrid air

Diego near Madrid
In Germany, it's said that Diego and Madrid have an agreement

Forlán's goals give Atletico a calm victory

Alonso 4th in a chaotic GP

Because they don't take profit of Madrid's defeat
Because they don't know how to win a game that they led twice
Because they received two goals from corner kicks that were awfully defended

Great race by Alonso

Barça wasted yet another chance given by the declining Madrid
Rijkaard's team led the game twice and Almeria tied from two corner kicks
Barça may be Koeman's executioner next Thursday

Garcia Macua demands exemplary punishments to avoid agressions as the one of Armando
The goalie will have to rest during the following days

Hamilton starts on top

The coach can't find the way to make the team react
The game against Barcelona may be decisive

Alonso 4th after a spectacular final lap

There are precedents of all kind, so the decision will be taken by the Comitee of Competition
The boss of security told the ref: "Who are you to stop the game?"
The agressor in prison

Sevilla: Luis Fabiano, "O Fabuloso" reigns in Europe
The CL, two points away

Fake 4th place

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Maradona wants to steal Schuster from Madrid
Maradona, Schuster's close friend, already told Macri to sign him last year

"Diego would like to play in Madrid"
His father traveled to Germany to negotiate his future

The doctors get tired of Rijkaard and Ronaldinho: "He's not injured"

Alonso: "The car lacks a bit of everything"

The power returns
Van Nistelrooy and Ramos return next weekend against Valencia

Blatter kicks out Albania from FIFA due to political differences

Ronaldinho targeted

Koeman is safe thanks to his high indemnization

Who do you want to fool Ronnie?
The official medical report says that Ronaldinho is not injured

Rijkaard plays his credit
The coach lost too much credit the last weeks and a defeat against Valencia may be the end

Pressure on Ronnie
The doctors released a medical report that says that he isn't injured

The specialist
The Uruguayan shows that he feels comfortable in the 2nd half
On Sunday he matched the record of an Uruguayan (67 goals) in La Liga

The attack is more tasteful (Sabroso) with Simao

Camacho expressed the general feeling: "We must give a punch on the table"

The team tells Gil Marin: "We'll beat Sevilla"

Athletic appeal that the agression wasn't a single case
The goalkeeper is in total rest to avoid more problems in the eye

This story is over
Barça abandon Ronaldinho in his own decadence showing a report that denies his injury
21/7/03 - Ronaldinho had just signed for Barcelona and his hugh with Laporta show the happiness that brought 2 Ligas and 1 CL

8/2/08 - Ronaldinho play his last game until now against Villarreal. He doesn't play in Almeria due to a supposed injury

On April 17th, he'll come with La Copa
The president Morera escorted his daughter Beatriz in the festivals of Valencia
Only 2000 tickets left

Who will pay: Betis or him?
The Comitees decide if the game continues or if it's over
Carmelo Peña leaves the prison after paying the deposit of 3000 euros
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