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The new look?

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Ok, well we have a new board, with all the so called super stuff. R&B got what he want:) But I must say I'm pretty dissapointed:( I know I've always been a hugely conservative person, but I'm gonna say it straight of - I liked it more BEFORE. Sorry, Jan, but now our board looks just like one of those other crap boards!:( Sure, it's now more cool, so to say, but I liked our simplicity. I was NOT bored with the board, because this place is about opinions, not beauty! Now there is just too much of all these decorations and I'll say it like a man - I DO NOT LIKE IT. I'm sorry, jan, because I know it's taken you a lot of time and work, but I do not like the way it's been done. I am a conservatist and I hate changes, especially, when there is too much decorations and little smilies. I wonder, what you guys think? And the other thing is, we have lost over 1300 posts to our overall amount:( Now we're not that far ahead of Barca, and that is very dissapointing:(
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