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Some of you may wonder why highly-rated teams like France, Argentina and Portugal have fallen down and some have struggled to make it to the next round. Others will think their absence will only do the game harm.

But is it? If anything, these are the possible reasons for these teams failing:
1.arrogance and over-confidence
2.the fact that international standards have levelled off recently
3.over-dependence on "superstars"
4.fixture overload, especially since the expansion of European competitions and too much emphasis on it
5.too much money being thrown around getting to players' head

One thing which characterises teams like Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, etc. is the fact they have immense team spirit and are superb playing as a group.

At the same time, I think European countries should begin a long overdue review of league structures and European competitions. Time for some pruning back IMHO. My father also told me that he thinks seeing these teams fall is for the good of the game because it will show that money and hype surrounding them is totally unjustified.
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