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The Mendieta Mystery...

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did it ever occur to you why he flopped so badly at Lazio?was this the wrong team for him or was he just so overrated?I could'nt certainly believe how poor he was in the capital after all that hype.
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He wasn't overrated. I think it was a combination of that curse on Spaniards playing in Italy (did Jose Mari or Javi Moreno do any better at Milan? ) , perhaps some personal crisis on his behalf, and also Lazio's fault, they should take some blame in it. But it's not a such a huge loss for Serie A.... there were plenty of others that's why he wasn't that important for Lazio at the end of the day. But he did regain form and showed some brilliance after he left Lazio. You can't deny that.
Portillo is the latest Spanish victim.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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