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The first time he retired was 1992 when he left Örgryte and went back to his club as a youth, Strömstad.
But only after one year he was back in the top flight again, this time in Helsingborg.
There he made huge succes and stayed to the end of the 2001 season. He declared that he now was going to retire...
Some weeks later he returned to football...AGAIN :D , this time as third keeper in West Ham.
He sad:"This will be a usefull experience for me and will also give me some extra money under my bed". Everyone thought(or maybe we didnt afterall? :D ) that it was after his half year in West Ham now was over for good...
...everyone who thought so had wrong and now HE*S BACK AGAIN! :D

The 39 years old Sven Andersson is back in his beloved Helsingborg and will therefor become the oldest player in Allsvenskan.
Helsingborg manager Sören Cratz says:"It's just in case anything happens as we need three keepers".

But with 1:st keeper Fredrik Larsson out injured who knows what will happen? :D
(Currently Conny Rosen is playing)

I dont doubt that Sven still is the best of those three and maybe he will put Fredrik Larsson on the bench AGAIN, just like he did for SIX whole seasons.(Fredrik Larsson is the most benched player in Allsvenskan ever I belive ;) :D ).
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