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Brett Angel (Striker)
Signed for Everton on May 1st 1994 from Southend United for £500,000, his debut was playing in an embarrasing 5-1 defeat to Norwich City. After being injured for quite a long time in his second season, Brett's comeback included being booked after two minutes, being the worst player on the pitch and eventually being subbed at half time. It was his last match for Everton.

"Brett Angell's first touch is like a tackle." Dave Jones, Stockport manager

He only ever scored once for Everton, and after 16 embarrasing games, he was thought as Evertons worst signing EVER. So much that an Everton fan made this song about him


Oh Brett, oh Brett,
We will never forget.
Some called you a mule,
You always played like a fool.
Big strong and quick?
Your performances made me sick.

Howard Kendall took you on loan.
Even then your performances made me moan.
A six figure fee?
Barry Fry laughed with glee.
(Then again he signed Mark Ward,
A man whose useless performances we could ill afford).

An insult to Latchford and Dean,
You're not worth a bean.
Strikers are supposed to score goals.
You know, like Peter Withe and Stanley Bowles.
You find it easier to miss,
You're not worth the steam off my piss.

Amazingly Bret Angel was only one of the few Everton signings from 1993-2004 that actually made a profit for Everton. He was sold for £550,000 to Sunderland.
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