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@Firdaus, have you played this? I suspect not, but I recall you were a fan of Ocarina of Time, so...

I actually struggled to get into this at first, for a few reasons. I found it really difficult in the initial stages. I kept dying which was frustrating, and other things such as the brakeable weapons, I didn't like at first. And there's a lot of climbing involved in this game. The weather is very dynamic and changes as time passes, and if you're climbing and suddenly it starts to rain, you begin to slide down the mountain. This was another frustration. So I took a break from the game.

A couple weeks back, I had an urge to give it another shot. I didn't dislike it on my first play through, but I hardly loved it like so many others did. 220 hours later I'm firmly in the "I love botw camp" lmao...

When you start the game, your map is completely blank, and to fill in the gaps on your map, you have to activate various towers around Hyrule. This is actually quite a task as some of them are pretty well guarded, but after I'd managed to ascend the majority of the towers, I really felt like I was making some progress at last.

You might have heard that this game doesn't feature as many main dungeons as some other titles in the series - the Divine Beasts, who've been corrupted by Calamity Ganon, act as the four main dungeons, and supplementing those are 120 shrines littered throughout the land, sort of mini dungeons with various puzzles to be solved within. These are really enjoyable, and presently I've completed 88 of them.

What do I like so much about this game? Most of all, simply exploring. The combat is thrilling, the graphics are beautiful, and the soundtrack too. Some have complained about the story, but the flashbacks located throughout the game are one of my favourite touches in the game. There's so many memorable NPCs as well.
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