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The Inamoto Situation...

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Inamato should be starting!

Look at the damage he done against Belguim..and Arsenal wont even let him start!!
He should be startin every match!
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i think we'l have 2 scenario's

1. inhamoto is sold, van bommal is brought in.
2. inhamoto stays and plays until our mid recovers and we see no van bommal
inamoto gone
vbommel not coming

so wenger will have lack of quality players for midfield
unless gilberto comes
which i hope he does
all brazilian central midfield when vieira is suspended hehe
or kleberson
he played well in wc final...
why dont you reckon van bommal will come?
anthign possible
it doesnt mean cose he isnt here now means he wont come at all
Its time we got realistic i dont think tht bommel is comin!
yes vbommel deal is dead
wenger not interested
hiddink no sell

u noticed that he hasnt been in news for ages?
101 - 105 of 105 Posts
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