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The Inamoto Situation...

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Inamato should be starting!

Look at the damage he done against Belguim..and Arsenal wont even let him start!!
He should be startin every match!
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Fulham would be a good place for Junichi Inamoto to go so he could start games.He would get scouted though..then get moved to a bigger team!
Shinji One is way better than Inamoto. Granted, Ono had a pathetic WC, but anyone who's seen him play at Feyenoord last season could see what a class player he is. Creative, technically gifted, and no doubt it's only a matter of time this 22 year old will get scouted by a bigger club.
i dont think inamoto is leaving

ono has had a bad world cup i rekon
but he has been used on left of midfield when he is at his best in the middle
i remember when he was back at urawa reds in japan he was very highly rated
he also had an afro back then haha
Inamato is leaving..but he doesnt know where to yet.

Yes..i agree Ono has had a abd WC
read that inamoto was only taken on loan
arsenal did not pay 4M for him

this is too confusing
where are the sources for these??

Inamato is leaving..but he doesnt know where to yet.
read that inamoto was only taken on loan
i got my source from......... the World Cup!!!!!!!!
from soccernet
i think it was article about wenger's interest in emre
and at bottom of article had like 3 lines on inamotos situation
but there is too much speculation
who knows wat is true
i heard that feyernoord is interested in inamoto...ono plays for feyenoord...inamoto might be interested to join them...
i'd rather him go to PSV with some "exchange" with van bommal.
be best if he stayed still
a serie A club perugia have already made an official contact with inamoto...

Perugia Make Official Offer For Inamoto
News Archive

Serie A looks Inamoto's most likely destination
06/24/2002. Perugia have made an official bid for Arsenal midfielder Junichi Inamoto according to the player's agent Nobuaki Tanabe.

"Perugia are the only club that has sent an official offer," he said before stating that there's been unofficial interest from Fulham and Atalanta.

It remains to be seen exactly where the Japanese international will be playing his football next season, but it seems almost certain that he'll be leaving Highbury.

PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord have also expressed an interest in the player.

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feyanoord maybe the way. theres a japanese player there.
I thought Fulham were winning the race????
Seems like he will go to Fulham now. I`m not too sad about it actully. If Wenger had decied to keep him I would have been happy with that but this hopefully means that we will see either or both of Van Bommel or (and) Bowyer sign. Inamoto did a great world cup and I wish him all luck in the world but I can`t see him offer us as much as Bowyer and Van Bommel would.
The question is just why did Wenger buy him ? He can`t have expekted much more than he got from Inamoto, Maybe all this stuff about selling souveniers was true after all. I would have prefered that we had given someone like Ricketts or Sidwell Inamotos role in the first team last seasone instead.
Yeah, Inamoto himself has now said:

"I think I'll go to Fulham, as I am guaranteed a lot of playing time there"

Obviously he is going to score against us next season...
Fulham would be a good move..he would start every game!
He would probably get scouted to a bigger team!
:D :D :D :D
yeah, that would be a very good move for him.
Matthew Smith yeah, that would be a very good move for him.
Yep, good move for a good player!!:D
not a good move
we'll have to face him
nahnah it is
but who knows if he can perform as good as in the world cup
no ones sure

maybe we can get more then 4 million like we paid for him and gain some nice profit
Inamoto Agrees Fulham Switch According To Reports
News Archive

A short move across London looks to be on the cards (Allsport)
07/11/2002. Juninchi Inamoto has agreed to join Fulham according to reports from the Far East.

The Arsenal midfielder, who played for Japan during WC2002, failed to start a single league game for the Gunners last season and according to news agency Kyodo, has agreed to sign for Fulham.

The West London side are less open about things and a spokesman said, "No deal has been done as yet."

soccerage ;)
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