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The Inamoto Situation...

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Inamato should be starting!

Look at the damage he done against Belguim..and Arsenal wont even let him start!!
He should be startin every match!
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yeah van bommel and veira could be a very scary proposition wioth ljunberg and pries wide!


we would be super!
Finally someone agreeing with me.
Inamoto hopes to play for Arsenal next season

Agence France-Presse

MORI, Japan (June 15, 2002 5:56 a.m. EDT) - Japan World Cup star Junichi Inamoto said Saturday that he still has hopes of playing for English champion Arsenal, insisting that he was unaware of moves by the Gunners to dump him.

"It is up to the coach (Arsene Wenger) who decides on whether he sacks me or not by watching my play and attitude. I have nothing to complain about after showing my performance," said Inamoto.

Reports earlier this week said Arsenal had released Inamoto on a free transfer - but the player Saturday said he was still waiting for confirmation.

"I haven't yet heard about it directly from the coach. He called me before, but I couldn't answer the call. I expect him to call me later, maybe at the end of the tournament.

"Basically, I want to play for Arsenal next season. I was confident to show my ability if I had a chance to play, but I also knew that the coach would not use a player soon after he joined the team."

Wenger has refused to play Inamoto in the Premiership, limiting his first-team appearances to two Worthington Cup ties and 20 minutes in the Champions League.

But Inamoto has already upped his value, however, by scoring in Japan's 2-2 draw with Belgium. He followed that up by scoring the only goal in his nation's first-ever World Cup victory over Russia Sunday.

The World Cup co-hosts went on to beat Tunisia 2-0 to finish atop the preliminary group to reach the last 16, where they will play Turkey for a place in the quarterfinals.

"When I read papers, I thought

'I was fired, was I?' I was surprised when I heard a news flash about it while I was watching TV vacantly lying on my bed. The news woke me up," said Inamoto.

Inamoto said playing for Arsenal and watching top players closely had improved his play.

But he said he would not be so keen on Arsenal if it meant another season on the bench.

"I may change my mind if my position is the same as the last season, even if I can renew the contract for the next season. It is not up to the coach but to myself to take a regular starting position. It depends on my own ability."

"Even if I can not renew the contract, I'm ready to play in any countries. It is a good chance to play in the World Cup, because many coaches are watching. It is a good chance to show myself to the world," added Inamoto.
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good news atleast that inhamoto seems to be content in staying with us
That is only if Wenger fields him in the next game.
I dont think he is going to start on the first day esp if Bommel was to come.......
however it is more than likely that he will be brought on as a sub!
maybe he can rotate with Van Bommel or Vieira as Wenger likes the rotation system.
no that wont happen because he never drops a french super star!
I think he did.Last season,but we need to apply the squad rotation system.
a rotational squad would be good 4 there younger players but it would be dodgy..coz then players might not work well 2gether..so i think it should stay the same!
Maybe so but i would still prefer to rotate players like Keown , Lauren , Edu .............etc
I watched him in the world cup along with Nakata... He does'nt impress me with those goals he scored I'm afraid. We already have such a player already, whom ran from the midfield position to score, and he is a lot faster; Ljungberg. Nakata too didn't impress me much after such a weird spell in the Italian league. However, he plays much better compared to Inamoto with he passing and through balls.

Inamoto is quite ordinany, unlike his other team mate who plays for Rotterdam, Shiji oNo... Inamoto doesn't have the physical to compete in the premier league, neither do Nakata... They tire by the 60th min of the game, which is not so practical when competing in the WORLD's TOUGHEST LEAGUE...

I won't be surprise if he leaves the club by the end of next season.
I agree with (Arsenal) about this.
He scored in 2 WC games. But his performance was not that good. He made some good tackes, but still he did not dominate the midfiled. He didnt impress me much. He made a great goal in the first game, but the second goal was not that good.

EPL has 38 games. And in a team like Arsenal, an excellent player must be able to play twice a week. Look at Vieira. He played most of the game for Arsenal. If AW plays Inamoto, then he needs to use at least 1 sub for Ina in every game. He needs to offer something more to be forst team player.

Nakata is not bad. But I still think that he is abit overrated. He may have a good technique, but he is not consistent. He is nothing compared to our creative players such as Pires and Bergkamp.
Will Pires be playing on the left or the centre.
yea inhamoto has scored 2
one was a sitter which i reckon he had to score
but i give credit to his first goal
Monday, June 17, 2002
Fulham head the queue for Inamoto
By Leo Spall

Fulham are leading the chase to sign Japan World Cup star and former Arsenal misfit Junichi Inamoto.

Inamoto: World Cup star
Club executives have made contact with representatives of the 22-year-old, and are confident of recruiting him provided his wage demands are not too high.

J-League club Gamba Osaka claim they still hold Inamoto's registration, and that he is available on loan - with a ? million option to buy after a year.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger decided to let the midfielder go last month - since when Inamoto has been a revelation for Japan at the World Cup finals, scoring twice, and winning two man-of-the-match awards as the cohosts qualified for the knockout stages for the first time.

Inamoto, speaking about his time at Highbury, said: 'I thought I had the qualities to make it in England. It is very physical, but I can cope. I always gave 100 per cent but other players were on a much higher level.'

Meanwhile, Charlton will not be signing the out-of-contract Ireland defender Gary Breen despite his impressive displays at the World Cup. Chairman Richard Murray said of reported interest in the former Coventry player: 'We have several good central defenders, and are not looking to add to them.'

soccernet ;)
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I thought Perugia were signing him as they claimed that 2 Japanese players and a deal with Toyota would be signed .
I just think it's great to actually see what Inamoto looks like ...

Before this World Cup I thought the Japanese midfielder was just a myth and that his name translated to "Invisible" in English.
carson35: i have already posted that
its useless, please read before posting already posted things!
There are more and more lousy posters lately.

I thought the purpose of this forum is to discuss things.
But some people are just posting some news crap that we already know and wasting some space. I really hate scrolling down my mouse just because the page is full of copy paste crap.

We need to do something about the posting quality here.
:mad: :mad:
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