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The Inamoto Situation...

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Inamato should be starting!

Look at the damage he done against Belguim..and Arsenal wont even let him start!!
He should be startin every match!
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Through all this "he's better than Gio" and "he should partner Veira" nonsense your forgetting one small detail.

He is on the PFA out of contract players list!!!!

Roughly translated to, any player on that list is a free agent in the true sense of the word.
The Professional Footballers' Association has rubbished claims by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger that Japan striker Junichi Inamoto has not been released by the Premiership champions.

Wenger, in Japan to cover the tournament for a television company, denied newspaper reports that the 22-year-old would be allowed to leave Highbury on a free transfer.

Inamoto , who has been a sensation for the co-hosts scoring in the 2-2 draw against Belgium and the winner in Sunday's 1-0 victory over Russia, has started just four games for the Gunners since his £4m move last summer.

"I have to be honest enough to think that if he will not be a regular member, to let him go somewhere else." said the Frenchman.

"But no decision on his future will be made until after the World Cup as it important at the moment that he is not bothered by this story, which I feel is a non-story."

However, Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the PFA, insists the striker has already been freed by the double winners.

"Inamoto has been released by Arsenal, who have not offered him new terms," he said.

"He is on the official Premier League list of players who are out of contract and available for free.


after reading that
i am just confused
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JOKERS!!!!!!!!!!! the lot of you.

Why are you all wasting your time...... The last few eons have had people talking about signing van bommel and the midfield and who we have, I have not seen much from the threads where people have been screaming for inamoto to get a game.

He scored a few goals... so... it does not make him a great club player. trezeguet, cisse, and henry did not score a single goal between them but are all top scorers in their respective leagues they have played in last season.

To put it another way, who would we rather lose... henry or inamoto, pires or inamoto, ljungberg or inamoto......

lets put things into perspective.

oh one more thing

DaFeiGeI KiNg wenger is a fukn idiot

:mad: You can say that after he managed us to a second double of his career!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It has been confirmed that Wenger realesed Inamato!
:fero: :greed:
Inamoto could be a rising star from the land of the rishing sun!
He could be the next Veira!
Hes had 2 good games and all of us Gooners have gone over the moon! me included!
But i think its time we started thinking clearly and decided what lies is store for our defence which is in need of refurbishment!
Our midfield is strong as things stand and with the exit of Grimandi Inamoto will prob get a few chances!
WTF !! Inamoto have been Japan's best player in the WC and we release him for free???

This is way stupid......same as Jeffers purchase !!!
Sometimes Wenger can be such an idiot regarding transfers !!
This is weird since we spend 4 million POUNDS for Inamoto and just give him away for free???

It is better if ARSENAL gave the 4 MILLION POUNDS to me.......I would not need to work as long as I live:mad: :tongue: :mad: :mad: :mad:
honestly guys
do you think wenger is that dumb to release inhamoto on a FREE TRANSFER??
this is WENGER we're talking about
the only stupid buy SO FAR i have seen is jeffers, BUT he had an successful operation and i cant wait to see him play!
i was wrong about edu when i thought he was crap, look at him now!
wenger is smart
and i dont think the board would even let him give up arsenal on a free transfer.

also nothing at all on the offical website
this is all bull#@$ made up by japanese fans who are pissed at arsenal who didnt play inhamoto last season.
its all bullock.
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its been confirmed?
sources please??
Guys its kinda stupid to even think that Arsenal would let any player off on a free!
Even if we wanted to get rid of Jun Jun im sure some one would have paid atleast some money for him so this all a bunch of crap!
NO confirmation and the source is ITV website!
yea tats ITV
cant even get tv rights properly and their making up rumours like this already

for the best and most reliable information
didnt someone from FA announce that he was released?
or was that bullshiit
yeah but they later said it was a load of bull!

JUN JUN had a bad game!
so hes not leaving??

fuk they should just release news that confirms if he is or isnt leaving
To me,Inamoto lacks the defensive qualities.Van Bommel is a player who can attack and defend very well,he also has a very powerful shot.In Arsenal,only Bergkamp and Henry are capable of shooting from over 25 yards out so he would be a great player to have.
i rather van bommal, has more experience.
i mean i saw jun jun in WORLD CUP and i seee him in EPL
there is a big differance
maybe he only plays will with a japanese crowd?
I agree.Maybe he likes people to be cheering him on all the time.
inamoto lacks defensive qualities??
he is excellent in tackle and always goes in hard
thats all you need as a midfielder
and his work rate is good

who cares about long shots
vbommel will score like 2 goals from long shots the whole season if hes lucky
inamoto makes nice runs and takes up good scoring positions

and it is fukn naive to suggest he only plays well when he is cheered on...
Van Bommel is a man which we would need to support the defense when the opposition launches a counter attack.With Vieira and Van Bommel helping out,i am sure we would have the best defense in the whole premiereship.
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