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The Inamoto Situation...

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Inamato should be starting!

Look at the damage he done against Belguim..and Arsenal wont even let him start!!
He should be startin every match!
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i do agree with you but i mean think about it
take a look at our midfield

wheres the room mate?
i also think edu is better then inhamoto
and also GVB
maybe parlour just lackes the pace
how about when we get van bommal??

freddie------viera------van bommal-----pires

where can inhamoto go?
and dont tell me he can replace any of gthe above, because they are all better then him.
troubles with such a big squad
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how much is jun jun going for?
i dont like to make a lose on him.
he is a good player.

i dont think jun jun would like to be loaned out to first division teams.
i know how they feel since his asian.
its a huge slap in the face to get loaned out.
as if the club is to good for you and they want you to train at a lower level to get up to them.
he'll rather leave.
inhamoto would stay at arsenal
i reckon wenger knows he is ready for the EPL and he'll be in on the sub and come into games much more often
no way he would replace viera
just because france isnt performing well it doesnt mean viera is worse then inhamoto
although that is not your point
and your point was that viera would leave
no he wont
viera is staying this season

young blood does not have experience
experience is the key for a player
e.g seaman
Inhamoto Going This Month

i think this is a big topic that deserves a whole thread to itself.
inhamoto, the star of japan in worlc cup 2002.
it was a big achievement with what he has done and propelling japan most likely into the next phase and maybe even furthur.
he has arisen and many clubs look forward and keen in him.

i read that wenger is releasing inhamoto at the END OF THIS MONTH!
what is worse, that it is a FREE TRANSFER!!

what is wenger thinking?!?!?!
seriously, even the shock of inhamoto was leaving was big, what pissed me off was it was a free transfer!

does anyone know the why this happening??

i think it might be because japanese fans are pissed at wenger for not playing their star last year.

how do you guys feel about this big issue?
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didnt reliease there was a thread about this already
i guess i was to enthusiastic to tell fellow gunners about the news

very very very very sorry
can gareth or wakks delete this
what the hell is going on..
lets carry out our own investigations about this claim
i like to think its [email protected]#$#
but many sources do point that he is going to go...

support :
1. many numorous sites say this. soccernet.com etc.

Actually the information came from the FA, you see they need to be told for registration purposes. The news sites took the source from them.
2.that is right. maybe wenger signed the release before world cup?

3. wenger hasnt denied it.
4. ina has been looking for a move after no success last year.

Against :

1. wenger and ina has not said so
2. Not on official arsenal website
3. un reliable sources.
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What I mean is that the team might let Vieira go to some other team and let this young star have his chance. I think it is possible. New blood is always needed to fresh up the team. Inamoto is very young player and Wenger can make him the next Vieira. I watched the Japan match and he is that good
dont mean any harm
if i did not understand your point

looking at what you said...
viera isnt going to another team so their will be no place for inhamoto to replace viera
and new blood isnt always good
I prefer experience. e.g seaman over wright.

but i do agree that jun jun is a good youngplayer
seems he might beleaving
The Professional Footballers' Association has rubbished claims by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger that Japan striker Junichi Inamoto has not been released by the Premiership champions.

Wenger, in Japan to cover the tournament for a television company, denied newspaper reports that the 22-year-old would be allowed to leave Highbury on a free transfer.

Inamoto , who has been a sensation for the co-hosts scoring in the 2-2 draw against Belgium and the winner in Sunday's 1-0 victory over Russia, has started just four games for the Gunners since his £4m move last summer.

"I have to be honest enough to think that if he will not be a regular member, to let him go somewhere else." said the Frenchman.

"But no decision on his future will be made until after the World Cup as it important at the moment that he is not bothered by this story, which I feel is a non-story."

However, Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the PFA, insists the striker has already been freed by the double winners.

"Inamoto has been released by Arsenal, who have not offered him new terms," he said.

"He is on the official Premier League list of players who are out of contract and available for free.


after reading that
i am just confused
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honestly guys
do you think wenger is that dumb to release inhamoto on a FREE TRANSFER??
this is WENGER we're talking about
the only stupid buy SO FAR i have seen is jeffers, BUT he had an successful operation and i cant wait to see him play!
i was wrong about edu when i thought he was crap, look at him now!
wenger is smart
and i dont think the board would even let him give up arsenal on a free transfer.

also nothing at all on the offical website
this is all bull#@$ made up by japanese fans who are pissed at arsenal who didnt play inhamoto last season.
its all bullock.
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its been confirmed?
sources please??
yea tats ITV
cant even get tv rights properly and their making up rumours like this already

for the best and most reliable information
i rather van bommal, has more experience.
i mean i saw jun jun in WORLD CUP and i seee him in EPL
there is a big differance
maybe he only plays will with a japanese crowd?
good news atleast that inhamoto seems to be content in staying with us
yea inhamoto has scored 2
one was a sitter which i reckon he had to score
but i give credit to his first goal
carson35: i have already posted that
its useless, please read before posting already posted things!
where are the sources for these??

Inamato is leaving..but he doesnt know where to yet.
read that inamoto was only taken on loan
i'd rather him go to PSV with some "exchange" with van bommal.
be best if he stayed still
feyanoord maybe the way. theres a japanese player there.
not a good move
we'll have to face him
nahnah it is
but who knows if he can perform as good as in the world cup
no ones sure

maybe we can get more then 4 million like we paid for him and gain some nice profit
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