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The Inamoto Situation...

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Inamato should be starting!

Look at the damage he done against Belguim..and Arsenal wont even let him start!!
He should be startin every match!
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i do agree with you but i mean think about it
take a look at our midfield

wheres the room mate?
i also think edu is better then inhamoto
and also GVB
maybe parlour just lackes the pace
how about when we get van bommal??

freddie------viera------van bommal-----pires

where can inhamoto go?
and dont tell me he can replace any of gthe above, because they are all better then him.
troubles with such a big squad
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he played a good game, but one game doesnt determine that he should be starting for Arsenal.
It`s really great that he dominate a wolrd cup match but I agree with CUG that dosen`t mean that he should start in the first game next seasone. It would take him sometime to settle and I don`t think we can afford to give him that time as a central midfielder. Maybe he should go on loan to a first division club and if he prove himself as one of the 3 or 4 best playersin the first divsision he could be considered as a regular at Arsenal.
He's not good enough. This game might have been just a flash in the pan, as he hasn't shown much ability in training, apparently. It does boil down to one question:

Who do we drop to allow for Inamoto?

Gio? That would be too cruel after his 8 month lay-off.
Vieira? He's the best in the world - and he isn't leaving.
Pires? He was probably the best player in the Premiership last year.
Ljungberg? He gets goals when our strikers are failing.

Then we have Parlour ahead of him in the pecking order, Lauren can play effectively in midfield, and there's also Pennant competing for 7th place. Maybe in two years, or so, but he won't be content just to stay on the bench for that period of time, so he'll have to leave unless he's offered first-team football out of the blue.
Just watch him in the next 2 games. If he plays well..Wenger is daft not to start him!
Atalanta snatch Arsenal's Inamoto Sunday 9 June, 2002


It is claimed that Atalanta are closing in on a deal for Japanese international Junichi Inamoto.

The 22-year-old has impressed in the 2002 World Cup, but has struggled to find first team football at Arsenal this season.

The Gunners¡¦ option on the midfielder ¡V still co-owned by Gamba Osaka ¡V expired on June 7.

Italian newspapers report that the contract had a clause stipulating that if Arsenal did not take up that option, then Inamoto would automatically move to Atalanta.

As one Japanese player touches down in Serie A, another is set to head in the other direction.

It¡¦s believed that Hidetoshi Nakata (pictured) will leave Parma after just one season in order to join Arsenal, Manchester United or Liverpool.

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how much is jun jun going for?
i dont like to make a lose on him.
he is a good player.

i dont think jun jun would like to be loaned out to first division teams.
i know how they feel since his asian.
its a huge slap in the face to get loaned out.
as if the club is to good for you and they want you to train at a lower level to get up to them.
he'll rather leave.
I think itz good Inamato is leaving..not for Arsenal but for him.
He is a good player and deserves a start!
Inamoto is a good player but is he really better than Gio Edu and Parlour?
He's not leaving. Arsène has more sense than to put in a clause like that into the contract - especially since Inamoto has scored again today!
Do you guys watch Japan matches at all? This guy is amazing, he should definitely start sometimes and if he gets sold, that'll be a HUGE mistake.
Keep him on the bench is a total waste of his talent, while selling him is a loss to us. Maybe the best deal is to loan him to some other leagues such as Holland or France for a year or 2.
Stefania said:
Do you guys watch Japan matches at all? This guy is amazing, he should definitely start sometimes and if he gets sold, that'll be a HUGE mistake.
Of course I watch Japan matches! He was awesome against Belgium, scored two world-class goals (OK, 1 disallowed for no reason), and won the MOM award comfortably. Against Russia, he also won the MOM award IMO, and scored the winner. I think he is an excellent player - but we have many excellent midfielders.
well i dont rate gio highly he has done **** for arsenal plus at rangers he was avg, he cant even make the regular dutch team

parlour is nothing comapred to inamato
edu is good but not even a brazilian regular and they uuse 70 + guyst o get to the WC and scolari like defenisve guys

Based on his two performances he will be given a chance. If not at Arsenal then somewhere else. He has played way better than Nakata and Ino during these, admittedly only, two games and he frankly deserves a genuine shot at being a starter somewhere.
inhamoto would stay at arsenal
i reckon wenger knows he is ready for the EPL and he'll be in on the sub and come into games much more often
This is the World cup. You never know. If Japan keeps winning, �@and France does not go on to the next round. Inamoto might even take Vieira's spot. I am not saying he is better than Vieira. What I mean is that the team might let Vieira go to some other team and let this young star have his chance. I think it is possible. New blood is always needed to fresh up the team. Inamoto is very young player and Wenger can make him the next Vieira. I watched the Japan match and he is that good. �@

By the way, I am the big Nakata fan and I am very interested in watching him play in your team.
no way he would replace viera
just because france isnt performing well it doesnt mean viera is worse then inhamoto
although that is not your point
and your point was that viera would leave
no he wont
viera is staying this season

young blood does not have experience
experience is the key for a player
e.g seaman
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