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People born on July 2

Lindsey Lohan (1986): Actress who brought the remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap to life, playing a dual role as twins (just like Haley Mills did in the original film). Lohan began her career when she was just three years old, as a model for the Ford Agency. Her modeling success led to roles in TV commercials and print ads for Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, The Gap and Jello. Lohan’s television credits include the series "Healthy Kids" and the soap operas "Guiding Light" and "Another World." Recently, Lohan starred opposite mega-stars Bette Midler in the series "Bette" and Tyra Banks in the Disney TV movie, "Life Size."

Jerry Hall (1956): Actress who is more famous for her romantic entanglement than her acting ability. In the ‘70s, Hall was a high profile fashion model who married none than Mick Jagger of "The Rolling Stones" - and their shaky relationship has sold many a tabloid paper ever since. While Hall’s best-known performance would be as the Joker’s girlfriend in the 1989 film, Batman, she has also appeared in Freejack (1992), Princess Caraboo (1994), and played the role of "bored girlfriend" in RPM in 1997. Hall has recently been seen baring all in the role of Mrs. Robinson in the London stage production of "The Graduate."

Cheryl Ladd (1952): Actress who began her career as the singing voice of Melody on the popular cartoon "Josie and the *****cats" (1970-74). While working on the animated series, Ladd made appearances on the TV shows "Happy Days" and "Police Woman." Her beauty and talent soon caught the eye of producer, Aaron Spelling, and Ladd was cast in the role that would make her a star – playing Chris Monroe on "Charlie’s Angels." Since her work on "Charlie’s Angels" (1976-81), Ladd has appeared in TV movies such as "Grace Kelly" (1983), "Romance on the Orient Express" (1985), "Fulfillment" (1989), "Victim of Innocence" (1990), "Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back" (1993) and, most recently in Lifetime's "Her Best Friend's Husband" in 2002.

Ron Silver (1946): Actor who received his master’s in Chinese History before deciding on an acting career. Once Silver made up his mind to act, there was no stopping him. He moved from NY to the west coast in 1973, and was soon cast on the hit sitcom "Rhoda." In 1988, Silver made his Broadway debut, opposite Madonna, in the play "Speed the Plow." His Tony award-winning performance led to roles on both the big and small screen in films including Reversal of Fortune (1990), Mr. Saturday Night (1992), Timecop (1994), "Kissinger and Nixon" (1995), "Two Babies: Switched at Birth" (1999) and "In the Company of Spies" (1999). Recently Silver has been seen in the TV movie "When Billie Beat Bobby."

Richard Petty (1937): Racecar driver who has driven on the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit for over 32 years. Petty was a part of the racing experience ever since he was a small child, as he would watch his father zip around the track. While he initially set his sights on being a mechanic, it was only a matter of time before Petty would decide he was destined to race. In 1960, Petty won his first race on the Charlotte Speedway, and he would go on to have a record 200 career victories, seven of which were Winston Cup Championships, and another seven that were Daytona 500 wins. Petty’s glory days spanned 2 decades – the ‘60s and the ‘70s. He officially retired at the end of the 1992 season

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Birthdates which occurred on July 03:
1423 Louis XI king of France (1461-83)
1567 Samuel de Champlain explorer (Lake Champlain)
1731 Samuel Huntington (Gov-Ct), Continental Congress pres
1738 John Singleton Copley Mass, finest colonial American artist
1854 Leos Jan cek Hukvaldy Moravia Czech, composer (Foster Suite)
1861 Peter Jackson heavyweight, boxing hall of famer
1870 Richard B Bennett (C) 11th Canadian PM (1930-35)
1874 Sir Apirana Turupa Ngata Kawaka NZ, Maori political/cultural leader
1883 Alfred Korzybski Poland, scientist (Science & Sanity)
1883 Franz Kafka Czech, author (Metamorphosis, Trial, Amerika)
19-- Brian Fong Oahu Hawaii, actor (Fred Sing-Chase)
19-- Kurtwood Smith New Lisbon Wisc, actor (Renegades)
19-- Stephen Pearcy rock vocalist (Ratt-Round & Round)
1900 John Mason Brown Louisville Ky, critic (Tonight on Broadway)
1906 Francis Steegmuller US, biographer (Cocteau)
1906 George Sanders Russia, actor (All About Eve-Academy Award 1950)
1909 Earl L Butz US Secretary of Agriculture (1971-76); a real Butz
1909 Stavros Niachos Greece (Those Fabulous Greeks)
1913 Dorothy Kilgallen Chic Ill, columnist (What's My Line?)
1920 Louise Allbritton Okla City, actr (Celia-Stage Door, Got a Secret)
1925 Tony Curtis [Bernard Schwartz] Bronx NY, actor (Some Like it Hot)
1927 Ken Russell England, director (Crimes of Passion)
1930 Carlos Kleiber Berlin Germany, conductor (Bavarian State Orch 1968)
1930 Pete Fountain New Orleans, jazz clarinetist (Lawrence Welk 1957-59)
1935 Harrison H "Jack" Schmitt Santa Rita NM, astronaut (Apollo 17)
1937 Tom Stoppard playwright (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern-1968 Tony)
1939 Jay Tarses Balt Md, actor/writer (Open All Night, Duck Factory)
1940 Fontella Bass St Louis Mo, vocalist (Rescue Me)
1940 Lance Larson US, 100m freestyle swimmer (Olympic-silver-1960)
1941 Gloria Allred feminist attorney
1943 Geraldo Rivera aka Gerry Rivers, nosey newsman (Geraldo)
1943 Norman E Thagard Marianna Fl, MD/astronaut (STS 7, 51-B, 30, 42)
1945 Iain MacDonald-Smith England, yachtsman (Olympic-gold-1968)
1945 Michael Cole Madison Wisc, actor (Pete-Mod Squad)
1945 Mike Corby guitarist (Babys)
1947 Betty Buckley Big Springs Tx, actress (Abby-8 is Enough, 1776, Cats)
1948 Paul Berrere rocker (Little Feat-Truck Stop Girl)
1949 Jan Smithers N Hollywood Calif, actress (Bailey-WKRP)
1951 Jean-Claude Duvalier deposed Haitian president-for-life
1951 Richard Hadlee Christchurch, NZ, leading cricket bowler
1952 Alan Autry NFLer (Green Bay Packers)/actor (The Heat of the Night)
1955 Julia Lyndon Buffalo NY, playmate (August, 1977)
1957 Laura Branigan singer (Gloria)
1959 Stoyan Deltchev Bulgaria, horizontal bar gymnist (Olympic-gold-1980)
1961 Liz Stewart SF Calif, playmate (July, 1984)
1961 Vince Clarke England, rocker (Yaz-Situation, Only You)
1962 Tom Cruise Syracuse, actor (Risky Business, Color of Money, Rainman)
1964 Pia Reyes Manila Philipines, playmate (Nov, 1988)
1968 Jeff Phillips Westwood NJ, actor (Hart Jessup-Guiding Light)
1975 Keri Houlihan Penn, actress (Molly-Our House)

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On this day...
683 St Leo II ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1608 City of Qu‚bec founded by Samuel de Champlain
1754 George Washington surrenders to French, Ft Necessity (7 Years' War)
1775 Washington takes command of Continental Army at Cambridge, Mass
1778 British forces massacre 360 men, women & children in Wyoming, Pa
1806 Michael Keens exhibits 1st cultivated strawberry
1814 Americans capture Fort Erie, Canada
1816 French frigate "Medusa" runs aground off Cap Blanc. Gross
incompetence kills 150 in calm seas
1819 1st savings bank in US (Bank of Savings in NYC) opens its doors
1839 1st state normal school in US opens, Lexington, Mass, with 3 students
1841 John Couch Adams decides to determine the position of an unknown
planet by irregularities it causes in the motion of Uranus
1848 Slaves freed in Danish West Indies (now US Virgin Islands)
1852 Congress authorizes US's 2nd mint (San Francisco, Calif)
1861 Pony Express arrives in SF with overland letters from NY
1863 Battle of Gettysburg Pa ends, major victory for North
1886 1st NY Tribune printing using 1st commercial linotype machine
1888 NY Giant pitcher Rube Marquard ties record of 19 game win-streak
1890 Idaho admitted as 43rd US state
1895 Start of Sherlock Holmes "The Adventure of Black Peter" (BG)
1898 Joshua Slocum completes 1st solo circumnavigation of the globe
1898 US Navy defeats Spanish fleet in Santiago harbor, Cuba
1911 Ty Cobb hits in his 40th straight game. Does not get a hit next day
1912 NY Giant pitcher Rube Marquard ties record of 19 game win-streak
1913 Common tern banded in Maine; found dead in 1919 in Africa (1st bird
known to have crossed the Atlantic
1915 US military forces occupy Haiti, remain until 1934
1916 1st of 3 fatal shark attacks occurred near NJ shore (4 die)
1920 Royal Air Force holds an air display at Hendon, England
1930 Veterans Administration created
1932 1st Sunday game at Fenway Park, Yanks beat Red Sox 13-2
1932 John McGraw retires from baseball
1934 C Jackson discovers asteroid #1367 Nongoma
1934 FDIC pays off 1st insured depositors, Fon du Lac Bank, East Peoria IL
1939 Ernst Heinkel demonstrates 800-kph rocket plane to Hitler
1939 Lou Gehrig day; Gehrig makes "luckiest man" speech
1940 British Royal Navy sinks French fleet in North Africa
1944 Oriole Park (minor league baseball stadium) burns down in Baltimore
1947 252,288 people (record) pass through Grand Central Station, NYC
1947 Cleveland Indians purchase Larry Dolby, the 1st black in the AL
1950 1st time US & North Korean forces clash in the Korean War
1958 "The Andy Williams Show" premiers on ABC (later on CBS & NBC)
1962 Algerian Revolution against French ends (Algeria gains ind on 7/5)
1965 Phillies Dick Allen & Frank Thomas get into a fight during practice
1966 Brave pitcher Tony Cloninger, is 1st NL to hit 2 grand slams in a game
1966 Race riots in Omaha Nebraska
1967 "News at 10" premieres on English TV
1968 Cleve Indian Luis Tiant strikes out 19 Minn Twins
1969 78,000 attend Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, RI
1970 200,000 attend Atlanta Pop Festival
1970 Calif Angels Clyde Wright no-hits Oakland A's, 8-0
1970 L Chernykh discovers asteroid #3702
1973 Brothers Jim & Gaylord Perry face each other for only time, Tigers
beat Indians 5-4, as Gaylord loses
1974 Soyuz 14 carries 2 cosmonauts to space station Salyut 3
1976 Israel launches rescue of 103 Air France crew & passengers being
held at Entebbe Airport in Uganda by pro-Palestinian hijackers
1978 Supreme Court rules 5-4, FCC had a right to reprimand NY radio
station WBAI for broadcasting George Carlin's "Filthy Words"
1980 73,096 in Cleveland watch Indians beat Yankees 7-0
1981 NYC transit fare rises from 60 to 75, new brass Y-cut-out token
1982 Martina Navratilova defeats Chris Evert Lloyd at Wimbeldon
1983 Calvin Smith of US becomes fastest man alive (9.93 s for 100 m)
1983 John McEnroe regains men's singles title at Wimbledon
1984 Dolphin rocket launched off San Clemente Island
1984 Supreme Court rules Jaycees may be forced to admit women as members
1985 CBS announces a 21% stock buy-back to thwart Ted Turner's takeover
1986 Pres Reagan presided over relighting of renovated Statue of Liberty
1987 2 men became 1st hot-air balloon travelers to cross Atlantic
1987 NY Met Darryl Strawberry threatens teammates Wally Backman & Lee
Mazzilli for criticizing his play
1988 US Navy shoots down Iranian civilian jetliner over Gulf, kills 290
1989 Peter Koech of Kenya sets 3k steeplechase rec (8:05.39) in Stockholm
1989 Supreme Court rules states do not have to provide funds for abortions
1989 The movie "Batman," set record of quickest $100 million (10 days)
1991 Donald Trump gives Marla Maples a 7.45 karat diamond ring


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7-3 WW Holidays

Algeria : Independence Day (1962)
Idaho : Admission Day (1890)

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Religious Observances

RC : Feast of St Thomas, apostle
RC : Commemoration of St Leo II, 80th pope (681-83)

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Religious History

1756 English founder of Methodism John Wesley wrote in a letter: 'One who lives anddies in error, or in dissent from our Church, may yet be saved; but one who lives and diesin sin must perish.'
1894 Birth of Don R. Falkenberg, founder in 1923 of the Mid-West Businessmen's Councilof the Pocket Testament League. In 1967 the name of this evangelical agency was changed toBible Literature International.
1907 Pope St. Pius X, in his encyclical 'Lamentabili,' formally condemned the'modernist' intellectual movement, as it exhibited itself in the Catholic Church.
1959 Pope John XXIII, in his encyclical 'Ad Petri Cathedram,' expressed the hope thatnon-Catholic Christians would see in the upcoming Vatical II Ecumenical Council 'a warminvitation to seek and find unity.'
1979 Thirty-four years after the end of World War II, the West German government votedto continue prosecution of Nazi war criminals by removing the statute of limitations onmurder.

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People born on July 3
Tom Cruise (1962): From the scheming student in Risky Business (1983) to the action hero in Top Gun (1986), Cruise impressed both critics and audiences alike with the ease in which he made the transition from teen films to more challenging, adult roles. His ability to make any character he plays ring true on the silver screen has lead to a list of impressive credits including Rain Man (1988), Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Interview with the Vampire (1994), Jerry Maguire (1996), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Vanilla Sky in 2001. Cruise has taken home Golden Globe Awards three times, for his work in Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire and Minority Report.

Hunter Tylo (1962): Actress and model who made headlines in 1996, when she sued Aaron Spelling for firing her from the drama, "Melrose Place," because she was pregnant. Tylo won 4.8 million dollars from the pregnancy discrimination case. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, Tylo worked as a model and began to star on the soap operas "All My Children" and "Days of Our Lives," until she was offered a permanent role on the daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful." Tylo has starred in theatre productions of "The Star Spangled Girl," "I Ought to Be in Pictures" and "Last of the Red Hot Lovers." Recently, Tylo published the book, Making a Miracle, in an effort to gain awareness of retinoblastoma, a disease her young daughter has.

Laura Branigan (1957): Musician who rose to fame in 1982 with the success of her number 2 hit single "Gloria." That same year, Branigan released her debut album, aptly titled "Branigan," which reached platinum status. Her follow up release, "Branigan 2" in 1983, also went platinum and included the Top 10 song "Solitaire." In 1984, Branigan recorded the song, "Self Control," which was a Top 5 smash in both the US and UK. Throughout her career, Branigan has released the albums "Self Control" (1984), "Touch" (1987), "Laura Branigan" (1990), "Best of Laura Branigan" (1995) and "Back in Control" in 2003.

Montel Williams (1956): Talk show host who graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and specialized in cryptology. In 1988, Williams began working as a motivational speaker, counseling the families of servicemen. After 15 years of service, Williams gave up his job in the navy to tour the country, speaking to teenagers, parents and business leaders about overcoming tragedy and following the road to success. Williams soon started his own talk show, "The Montel Williams Show," and won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1996 for Outstanding Talk Show Host. Williams appears to truly care for all of his guests, and makes sure that they are given the counseling they need after each show, such as psychological counseling and drug treatment programs. Montel was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and is dedicated to raising awareness & looking for a cure.

Tom Stoppard (1937): Playwright who began his career as a reporter for the Western Daily Press in Bristol, England. In 1960, Stoppard decided to devote all of his time to his own creative writing, and earned money selling short stories and the 15-minute radio plays "The Dissolution of Dominic Boot" and "M is for Moon Among Other Things." Stoppard has penned the plays "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead," "Night and Day," "Arcadia," "Indian Ink," "The Invention of Love" and co-wrote the screenplay to "Shakespeare in Love." Stoppard recently won 3 Tonys for his production of "The Real Thing." He was inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame and was chosen as a member of the Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth in 2000.


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Heading up to Indian Rocks Bch in about 1 more Hr ... 4th of July in the Western Tampa Bay Area !!!

The frikken B E S T !!!!!!!!!!! :cap:

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Birthdates which occurred on July 04:
1715 Christian Gellert Saxony, poet, novelist (Fables & Tales)
1753 Jean-Pierre-Francois Blanchard 1st balloon flights in England, US
1804 Nathaniel Hawthorne Mass, author (House of 7 Gables, Scarlet Letter)
1807 Giuseppe Garibaldi unified Italy
1826 Stephen Foster Lawrencevil, Pa, composer (Oh! Susanna, Swanee River)
1847 James Anthony Bailey Detroit, circus impresario (Barnum & Bailey)
1867 Stephen Mather organized US National Park Service
1872 Calvin Coolidge (R) 29th pres (1923-29)
1875 Giovanni & Giacomo Tocci Italy, siamese twins
1878 George M Cohan entertainer, Give my regards to Broadway
1880 George Mullin pitcher (Detroit Tigers-no-hitter on 7/4/1912)
1880 Pat Rooney vaudevillian/actor (Night Club)
1883 Rube Goldberg who made the easy outrageously difficult
1885 Louis B Mayer Minsk Russia, motion-picture executive (MGM)
1894 Henry Carlson basketball coach (originated figure 8 play)
1898 Johnny Lee Missouri, actor (Calhoun-Amos 'n' Andy)
19-- Michael Sweet rock vocalist (Stryper-Against the Law)
1900 Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong New Orleans LA, jazz musician (Hello Dolly)
1902 George Murphy New Haven Ct, (Sen-R-Calif)/actor/dancer (MGM Parade)
1902 Meyer Lansky mobster (Started numbers)
1902 Vince Barnett Pittsburgh, actor (Star is Born, Human Jungle)
1903 Flor Peeters Antwerp Belgium, organist (Lied Symphony)
1905 Lionel Trilling author (1969 Poses Award, Liberal Imagination)
1909 Alec Templeton Cardiff Wales, pianist/composer (Concertino Lirico)
1911 Mitch Miller Rochester NY, sing along with Mitch (Yellow Rose of Tx)
1912 Virginia Graham Chicago Ill, TV personality (Girl Talk, Where Was I)
1915 Timmie Rogers Detroit Mich, singer (Sugar Hill Time)
1916 Tokyo Rose WW II propogandist
1918 Abigail Van Buren twin sister, advice columnist
1918 Ann Landers twin sister, advice columnist
1918 Buster Davis Johnstown Pa, choral director (Garry Moore Show)
1918 Taufa'ahau Tupou IV king of Tonga (1965- )
1920 Leona Helmsley (wife of Harry), real estate billionaire
1921 Gerard Debreu France, economist (Nobel 1983)
1924 Eva Marie Saint Newark NJ, actress (On the Waterfront)
1926 Mary Stuart Miami Fla, actress (Jo-Search for Tomorrow)
1927 Gina Lollobrigida Subiaco Italy, actress (Trapeze, Falcon Crest)
1927 Neil Simon playwright (Odd Couple, Plaza Suite, Biloxi Blues)
1928 Stephen Boyd actor (Fantastic Voyage, Ben-Hur)
1929 Al Davis Brocton Mass, NFL team owner (LA Raiders)
1930 George Steinbrenner NY Yankees owner/ship builder/horse owner
1938 Bill Withers WV, rhythm & blues singer (Lean on Me)
1939 Ed Bernard Phila, actor (Joe-Police Woman, Jim-White Shadow)
1943 Emerson Boozer NFL running back (NY Jet)/sportscaster
1946 Michael Milken LA Calif, partner (Intl Capital Access Group)
1946 Ron Kovic disabled vietnam vet (Born on 4th of July)
1948 Rene Arnoux France, formula-1 racer (6th place-1980)
1950 David Jensen rocker British DJ
1953 Geraldo Rivera NYC, news personality (20/20, Geraldo)
1955 John Waite singer (Babies/Bad English-Forget Me Not)
1958 Kirk Pengilly Sydney Australia, rocker (Inxs-Kiss the Dirt)
1962 Pam Shriver tennis player (US Open's Doubles 1983,4,6,7)
1963 Henri Leconte France, tennis player (French finalist 1988)
1964 Mark Allen Slaughter Las Vegas, guitarist (Slaughter-Stick it Live)

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On this day...
1054 Brightest known super-nova (Crab Nebula) starts shining (23 days)
1636 City of Providence, Rhode Island form
1653 Barebones Parliment goes into session in England
1776 Declaration of Independence-US gains independence from Britain
1789 1st US tariff act
1802 US Military Academy officially opens (West Point, NY)
1817 Construction on Erie Canal begins
1819 William Herschel makes last telescopic observation of 1819 comet
1827 Slavery abolished in NY
1828 Construction begins on Band O (Baltimore-Ohio) 1st US passenger RR
1829 Cornerstone laid for 1st US mint (Chestnut & Juniper St, Phila)
1832 "America" 1st sung publicly
1836 Wisconsin Territory formed
1845 Texas Congress votes for annexation to US
1845 Thoreau moves into his shack on Walden Pond
1862 Lewis Carroll creates Alice in Wonderland for Alice P Liddell
1863 Boise, Idaho founded (now capital of Idaho)
1863 Vicksburg, Mississippi surrenders to Union forces
1865 1st edition of "Alice in Wonderland" is published
1866 Firecracker thrown in wood starts fire destroying « of Portland, Me
1873 Aquarium opens in Woodward Gardens
1874 Social Democratic Workmen's Party of North America formed
1875 White Democrats kill several blacks in terrorist attacks in Vicksburg
1876 1st public exhibition of electric light in SF
1881 Brooker T Washington establishes Tuskegee Institute
1882 Telegraph Hill Observatory opens in SF
1883 Buffalo Bill Cody presents 1st wild west show, North Platte, Nebr
1884 1st US bullfight held (Dodge City Ks)
1884 Statue of Liberty presented to US in Paris
1886 1st scheduled transcontinental passenger train reaches Pt Moody, BC
1888 1st organized rodeo competition held, Prescott, Ariz
1889 Washington state constitutional convention holds 1st meeting
1893 A Borrelly discovers asteroid #369 Aeria
1894 Elwood Haynes successfully tests one of 1st US autos at 6 MPH
1894 Republic of Hawaii established
1898 "La Bourgogne" collides with "Cromartyshire", 560 drown
1898 French liner "La Bourgogne" collides with bark "Cromartyshire", 50 die
1898 US flag hoisted over Wake Island (Spanish-American War)
1903 Pacific Cable (SF, Hawaii, Guam, Phil) opens, Pres TR sends message
1905 Phila A's beat Boston Red Sox 4-2 in 20 inning game
1908 NY Giant George "Hooks" Witse no-hits Phila Phillies, 1-0 in 10 inn
1910 Jack Johnson KOs James Jeffries in 15 rounds, ending come-back try
1911 Ty Cobb goes 0 for 4 & ends a 40 game hit streak
1912 Detroit Tiger George Mullen no-hits St Louis Browns, 7-0
1914 1st US motorcycle race (300 miles, Dodge City Ks)
1918 Altar dedicated at full-scale replica of Stonehenge at Maryhill, Wa
1919 Cincinnati Reds are 10« games back in NL, & win the World Series
1919 Jack Dempsey beats Jess Willard in Cuba for heavyweight championship
1919 M Wolf discovers asteroid #914 Palisana
1925 44 die when the Dreyfus Hotel in Boston collapses
1925 Yanks Lefty Grove beats A's Herb Pennock 1-0 in 15 innings
1929 AM radio station WOWO, Indiana's transmitter burns down
1933 Work begins on Oakland Bay Bridge
1938 1st game at Shribe Park, Phila; Braves beat Phillies 10-5
1939 Red Sox Jim Tabor hits 2 grand slams in 1 game
1939 Yankees retire 1st uniform (Lou Gehrig #4), 1st Old Timers Day
1941 Howard Florey & Norman Heatley meet for the 1st time, 11 days later
they successfully recreate pencillin
1942 1st American bombing mission over enemy-occupied Europe (WW II)
1946 Philippines gains independence from US
1950 Truman signs public law 600 (Puerto Ricans write own consitution)
1954 West Germany beats Hungary 3-2 for soccer's 5th World Cup in Bern
1956 Independence National Historical Park established in Philadelphia
1956 US most intense rain fall (1.23" in 1 minute) at Unionville Maryland
1959 America's new 49-star flag honoring Alaska statehood unfurled
1959 Cayman Islands separated from Jamaica, made a crown colony
1960 America's new 50-star flag honoring Hawaiian statehood unfurled
1960 Mickey Mantle hits career homer # 300
1962 Island Records begins
1966 LBJ signs Freedom of Information Act
1967 Freedom of Information Act goes into effect
1967 Phillies Clay Dairymple ties NL record of 6 walks in doubleheader
1969 "Give Peace a Chance" by Plastic Ono Band is released in the UK
1969 140,000 attend Atlanta Pop Festival featuring Led Zep & Janis Joplin
1969 Ann Jones defeats Billie Jean King for Wimbeldon Ladies championship
1970 100 injured in race rioting in Asbury Park NJ
1970 Chartered Dan-Air Comet crashes into mountains north of
Barcelona, Spain killing 112 vacationing Britons
1973 In audience with Italian cyclists, Pope Paul VI praises athletes who
"offer the magnificent show of a healthy, strong, generous youth"
1975 Bundy victim (?) Nancy Baird disappears from Layton, Utah
1976 Raid on Entebbe-Israel rescues 229 Air France passengers
1977 Cubs use fielder Larry Bittner as a pitcher
1977 Nigel Harrison replaces Gary Valentine as bassist of Blondie
1978 L Chernykh discovers asteroid #3332
1978 Memphis firefighters halt 3-day strike under a court order
1982 4th Space Shuttle Mission-Columbia 4 lands at Edwards AFB
1982 Jimmy Connors beats John McEnroe for his last Wimbeldon championship
1983 Yankee Dave Righetti no-hits the Red Sox
1984 Yuri Sedykh of USSR throws hammer a record 86.33 m
1985 Tinker Bell's nightly flight begins
1987 Discovery moves to Launch Pad 39B for STS-26 mission
1987 Martina Navratilova wins 6th straight Wimbeldon defeats Steffi Graf
1987 Nazi Klaus Barbie, "Butcher of Lyon" convicted by a French court
1988 Steffan Edberg beats Boris Becker for Wimbeldon crown
1988 US navy shoots down Iranian civilian jetliner over Gulf, kills 290
1990 2 Live Crew release "Banned in the USA" the lyrics quote Star
Spangled Banner & Gettysburg Address


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July 4th WW Holidays !!!!

Bahamas : Queen's Birthday
Cayman Islands : Constitution Day
Hannibal Missouri : Tom Sawyer Fence painting Day
Italy : Garibaldi Day (1807)
Philippines : Philippine-American Friendship Day (1946)
Rhode Island : Providence Day (1636)
Tonga : King's Birthday
US & Possessions : Independence Day (1776)
Yugoslavia : Fighter's Day

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Religious Observances
Muslim-Libya : Mohammed's Ascension
RC : Feast of St Bertha, abbess
RC : Mem of St Elizabeth of Portugal, queen/widow, (opt)

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Religious History
1765 English poet and hymnwriter William Cowper observed in a letter: 'How naturallydoes affliction make us Christians!'
1831 Baptist clergyman Samuel Francis Smith penned the American patriotic hymn,'America' ('My Country, 'tis of Thee'). Smith was unaware that the tune, ironically, wasalso that of England's national anthem: 'God Save the Queen'!
1840 Birth of American sacred composer James McGranahan. His most enduring melodiesinclude CHRIST RETURNETH, MY REDEEMER, NEUMEISTER ('Christ Receiveth Sinful Men') andSHOWERS OF BLESSING.
1870 Birth of James Moffatt, Scottish New Testament scholar. Moffatt translated theNew (1913) and Old (1924) Testaments into the colloquial English of his day. They were firstpublished together in 1935.
1970 American Presbyterian missionary Francis Schaeffer observed in a letter: 'Ifstandards are raised which are not really scriptural,... it can only lead to sorrow. If wetry to have a spirituality higher than the Bible sets forth, it will always turn out to belower.'

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People born on July 4

Geraldo Rivera (1943): Television journalist who began his career as an anti-poverty lawyer in New York City. In 1970, Rivera shifted gears and decided to work in television as a reporter for WABC-TV. His story on the heartbreaking conditions at the Willowbrook State School for the Mentally Retarded gained him national attention. His success as a reporter led to him getting his own late-night show, "Good Night America," and a job as a correspondent for "20/20." In 1987, Rivera became the king of tabloid television, starting his own talk show that was simply titled "Geraldo." Throughout his career, Rivera has won seven Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award. Rivera entered the spotlight again as a FOX war correspondent in Iraq. Rivera left Iraq voluntarily after revealing sensitive military operational details.

George Steinbrenner (1930): Executive who is most famous for being the meddling owner and club president of the New York Yankees (1979-90). Before setting his sights on owning a ballclub, Steinbrenner was an assistant football coach at both Northwestern and Purdue Universities. Although some beleived that Steinbrenner knew nothing about baseball and didn’t belong in the sport, he still managed to sign baseball greats like Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter in the ‘70s. Steinbrenner had a lot of success purchasing free agents, but sometimes signed so many stars that he did not have enough room to highlight them all in the lineup. Steinbrenner was suspended from baseball from 1990-92, but returned in 1993.

Neil Simon (1927): Playwright who is one of the world’s most prolific writers; his plays have been adapted to film more than any other writer in his genre. In 1961, Simon wrote his first comedy, "Come Blow Your Horn," which lasted for 677 performances on Broadway. From there, Simon continued to write hit productions, many of which took place in his home state of NY. Some of his plays include Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple (1965), Sweet Charity (1966), Brighton Beach Memoirs (1983), Biloxi Blues (1985) and the Pulitzer Prize winning Lost in Yonkers (1991). Simon has earned four Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and was recognized by the Kennedy Center Honors in 1995.

Gloria Stuart (1910): Actress who was nominated for an Academy Award, at the age of 87, for her role in the blockbuster drama Titanic (1997). Stuart began her acting career in the 1930s, starring first on stage and then on the silver screen. Both Paramount and Universal pictures were fighting for her contract, but Universal won out in the end, and cast her in 9 films in 1933 alone. Some of Stuart’s most memorable moments on film include The All-American (1932), The Invisible Man (1933), Maybe it's Love (1935), Poor Little Rich Girl (1936), It Could Happen to You (1937), Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938) and The Three Musketeers in 1939. Recently, Stuart appeared in “My Mother the Spy” (2000).

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804): Author who went to school with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and found his home town of Salem, Massachusetts, to contain a rich history that would later be reflected in his writing. The Transcendentalist Movement, a period embracing self-reliance in American Literature, moved Hawthorne to create such works as The Scarlet Letter (1850), The House of Seven Gables (1851), The Blithesdale Romance (1852), Twice Told Tales (1837) and the Tanglewood Tales in 1853. Hawthorne’s gift for the written word, and desire for individuals to take responsibility for their actions, shines through both in his writing, and the writing of his friend, Henry David Thoreau.


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Birthdates which occurred on July 06:
1747 John Paul Jones naval hero ("I have not yet begun to fight")
1796 Nicholas I Russia, Tsar (1825-55)
1818 Adolf Anderssen Prussia, world chess champion (1851-66)
1859 Verner von Heidenstam Sweden, poet/novelist (Nobel 1916)
1878 Eino Leino Finland, poet/playwright/novelist (El m„n Koreus)
1884 Harold Vanderbilt NY, America Cup (1930,34,37)/inv contract bridge
19-- Gwenn Mitchell Morristown NJ, actress (Joan-Amy Prentiss)
19-- James Kiberd actor (Trevor Dillon-Loving)
19-- Tom Wiggin actor (As the World Turns, Mike-Breaking Away)
1903 Axel Theorell Sweden, biochemist, studied enzymes (Nobel 1955)
1904 Robert Whitney Newcastle-on-Tyne England, conductor (Sospiro do Roma)
1915 Dorothy Kirsten Montclair NJ, soprano (A Time to Sing)
1917 Dorothy Kirsten Montclair NJ, opera singer (The Chevy Show)
1918 Eugene List Phila Penn, pianist/prof (Eastman School of Music)
1918 Sebastian Cabot London, actor (Mr French-Family Affair)
1922 William Schallert LA Calif, actor (Martin-Patty Duke Show)
1923 Nancy Davis Reagan NY, 1st Lady (1981-89)
1924 Robert M White pilot (X-15)
1925 Bill Haley Mich, (& the Comets-Rock Around the Clock)
1925 Merv Griffin San Mateo Calif, TV host (Merv Griffin Show)
1927 Janet Leigh Merced Cal, actress, She's in the shower (Psycho, Harper)
1927 Nicky Hilton heir to his father Conrad Hilton's vast international hotel chain.
1927 Pat Paulsen comedian, presidential candidate (Smothers Bros Show)
1927 Susan Cabot Boston, actress (Carnival Rock)
1932 Della Reese Detroit, singer/actress (Della Reese Show, Royal Family)
1937 Gene Chandler [Eugene Dixon], Chicago, rocker (Duke of Earl)
1937 Ned Beatty Lexington Ky, actor (Deliverance, Repossed, Network)
1937 Vladimir Ashkenazy Gorkey Rus, pianist/conductor (Tchakowsky-1961)
1939 Helena Dupont US, equestrian 3-day even (Olympic-33rd place-1964)
1939 Mary Peters England, pentathlete (Olympic-gold-1972)
1940 Viktor Kuzkin USSR, ice hockey player (Olympic-gold-1964, 68, 72)
1945 Burt Ward LA Calif, actor (Robin-Batman)
1946 Fred Dryer Hawthone Calif, NFLer (NY Giants, LA Rams)/actor (Hunter)
1946 Jamie Wyeth Penn, artist (An American Vision-Boston)
1946 Rick Hunter actor
1946 Sylvester Stallone NYC, actor/director (Rocky, Rambo, Cobra)
1948 Brad Park Toronto, NHL defenseman (NY Rangers, Boston Bruins)
1949 Shelly Hack Greenwich Ct, actress (Tiffany-Charlie's Angel)
1950 Sultan Rakhmanov Super heavyweight (Olympic-gold-1980)
1954 Allyce Beasley Bkln, actress (Agnes Dipesto-Moonlighting)
1956 Matt Bahr NFL kicker (NY Giants)
1957 Ron Duguay Canada, hockey player (NY Rangers, Detroit Red Wings)
1959 John Keeble rocker (Spandau Ballet-True)
1965 Glenn Scarpelli Staten Is NY, actor (Alex-One Day At a Time, Fantasy)
1969 Michael Grant vocalist (Musical Youth)
1971 Kari Kupcinet Chicago, actress (Julie Sanderson-Young & Restless)

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On this day...
1483 England's King Richard III crowned
1535 Sir Thomas More executed in England for treason
1687 Newton publishes "Principia"
1699 Capt William Kidd arrested in Boston
1776 Dec of Ind announced on front page of the "PA Evening Gazette"
1777 British Gen Burgoyne captures Fort Ticonderoga from Americans
1785 Congress resolves US currency named "dollar" & adopts decimal coinage
1798 US law makes aliens "liable to be apprehended, restrained,... &
removed as alien enemies"
1853 National Black convention meets (Rochester NY)
1853 William Wells Brown publishes "Clotel," 1st novel by black American
1854 1st Republican state convention, Ripon, Wisc
1863 Northern Territory passes from New South Wales to South Australia
1869 Black candidate for lt governor of Va, Dr J H Harris, defeated
1885 1st inoculation (for rabies) of a human being, by Louis Pasteur
1886 Horlick's of Wisconsin offers 1st malted milk to public
1892 Striking steelworkers in Homestead, Pa fire on scabs, killing 7
1894 Cleveland sends 2,000 troops to Chicago to suppress Pullman strike
1903 George Wyman arrives in NYC by motorcycle 51 days out of SF
1908 Robert Peary's expedition sails from NYC for the north pole
1912 5th Olympic games in Stockholm opens
1919 British R-34 lands in NY, 1st airship to cross Atlantic (108 hr)
1920 Yanks score team record 14 runs in 1 inning vs Senators
1923 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics formed
1924 1st photo sent experimentally across Atlantic by radio, US-England
1928 1st all-talking motion picture shown, in NY (Lights of NY)
1928 Worlds largest hailstone 1« lbs (17') falls in Potter Nebraska
1929 St Louis has 2, 10 run innings & beats Phillies 28-6
1932 1st class postage back up to 3 from 2
1933 1st All-Star baseball game, AL wins 5-2 (Chicago's Comiskey Park)
1935 Helen Wills Moody wins her 7th Wimbeldon championship
1936 114ø F (46ø C), Moorhead, Minnesota (state record)
1936 121ø F (49ø C), Steele, North Dakota (state record)
1938 NL beats AL 4-1 in 6th All Star Game (Crosley Field, Cincinnati)
1941 NY Yankees unviel a monument to Lou Gehrig in centerfield
1942 AL beats NL 3-1 in 10th All Star Game (NY Giants host)
1944 170 die in a fire at Ringling Bros Circus in Hartford Conn
1945 Nicaragua becomes 1st nation to formally accept UN Charter
1945 Pres Truman signs executive order establishing Medal of Freedom
1945 Wash Senator Rick Ferrell catches a record 1,722 games
1953 J Churms discovers asteroid #1701 Okavango
1957 Althea Gibson became 1st black tennis player to win Wimbledon
1957 Harry S Truman Library established in Independence, Missouri
1958 Alaska becomes the 49th state
1959 Saar becomes part of German Federal Republic
1960 Dr Barbara Moore completes a 3,207 mile walk from LA to NYC
1962 Mantle hits his 3rd & 4th consecutive homer
1964 Beatles' film "Hard Day's Night" premiers in London
1964 Malawi (then Nyasaland) gains independence from Britain (Natl Day)
1965 Rock group "Jefferson Airplane" forms
1966 Malawi becomes a republic
1967 Biafran War erupts as Nigerian forces invade
1971 White House Plumbers unit formed to plug news leaks
1975 Comoros declare independence from France (most of them)
1976 Soyuz 21 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 5 space station
1978 Israeli jet fighters swooped over mostly Moslem West Beirut
1983 Fred Lynn of Angels hits All-Star game 1st grand slam (AL wins 13-3)
1983 Supreme Court rules retirement plans can't pay women less
1987 1st of 3 massacres by Sikh extremists takes place in India
1988 Carlos Salinas de Gortari elected president of Mexico
1989 After 9 years, WHOT (Bkln pirate radio station) is busted by the FCC
1989 US marshals & FCC sieze pirate radio station WHOT in Brooklyn
1990 "Jetson's the Movie" with Tiffany, premiers
1990 After pitching a no-hitter lose, NY Yankee Andy Hawkins pitches a
complete 12 inn game & loses 2-0
1991 Steffi Graf beats Gabriela Sabatini for Wimbeldon championship


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WW Holidays 7-6-08

Malawi : Independence Day (1964)/Republic Day (1966)
Iowa : Independence Sunday
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