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This is a post of a member of DM (ita.). For me this summerises what has happened. (google translation)

Luter, if you have reason to say that Milan had entered in order to assign the player, has declined to 130 million euros, and if one wants to sell, as many here say, and then does not sell, a waiver has made. Period.

But for me the matter has not exactly so.

The idea that I have made myself, and patiently gluing the pieces of the puzzle is easy to reach the same conclusion is that AC Milan has played a game of poker in which risked everything (face, credibility, style and so on) but finally saw the winner.

Only two were the declarations of Berlusconi in the case: one when he said that a further adjustment would involve unsustainable imbalances in the changing room (and therefore if Kakà wanted to earn more and looking around) and the second last night when he officially declared that Kakà would withdraw in the coming years of the contract to request additional economic adjustments.

For AC Milan a point of all was therefore the request for a new touch.

A new retouching.

That's why last night, Berlusconi moved quickly to declare that a new Kakà waiver requests. Why make that statement?

Why, simply, Milan could not go over every ****ing summer with the smash Kakà and the Real or Chelsea at the door.

Now everything is clear, after the coup de theater last night, if one wants Kakà will present at least 130 million euros and is prepared to give a parcel to the player, and anyway, even with 130 million cash, I do not give scomodatevi not even then.

I suspect that this does not hear much interested in Real Kakà. I suspect my eh, but we put on a spritz.

Perhaps, then, in this Luter is right in saying that Milan has not moved back, because I am convinced that you would not * really * cede the player, and only went to "see" what the intentions were really for Bosco Leite . He risked large, had gone wrong it would have lost but would Kakà pocketed 130 million.

Kakà has made a significant step backward, but to take a step back means that before you had made a forward.

I see that.

But believe me, at this point is not important to know how it went really the question: do not ever know.

I for my part I have said and written that Kakà today must have the band master in training, and last night when he was taken for certain that I changed his signature avatar putting on 22 (and I changed it when he had given Milan Channel the announcement fatal). But I can not but think that if Kakà is still rossonero that is also a Via Turati.

Who has made the effort is more a matter of goat wool. To me were good, everyone, and I will not antipatie avoid thank all those who have handled the matter and, especially its successful conclusion.

I close with a question amletico but Galliani has suffered in the story? In my very, very much, and I want to give this package on a pelatona mò of thanks to him.


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Why u say that Andy. We have allready signed Mattioni and Silva. Perhaps Agger will come also tough I doubt it. Certainly things are changing, maybe not as fast as we want to see, but its happening. This season might be gone already but I am pretty sure that things will be better next year.

And with Kaka staying CL play looks very possible for Next year.
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