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Ok then....Juve are leading and will probably win the scudetto without having the best squad around...why?

1) Most refs in Italy seem to sleep in black and white stripes....
2) They didnt "exhaust" themselves too much in their glorious UEFA campaign....
AND 3) THEY HAVE CONSISTENCY, new keeper, a bit more spice in midfield and a new third striker..and thats it.

Lazio change the team year after year. Right, the quality of our squad got better and better, but its the same each year: We lose the scudetto in autumn when our new team has to settle its new style, integrate its new stars.... we need more consistency!

Therefore: No Rivaldo (its been definetly an "economicly motivated" rumour) or any other players which forces us to sell the whole squad.
Salas: The matador hadnt his best season, but we need him, because Lazio needs 4 quality strikers. Roberto Mancini will end his (incomparable) career. He didnt play very much this season, but we will lose an important "cover striker/midfielder". Ravanelli has to go. He is not bad, he works, he is Italian..but he has not the class I want to see at Lazio. Then we have Simone. Good one for the future.
Boksic will leave. I think he isnt too comfortable in wearing the Lazio dress these days, but after all, who will blame him? He is a Croat, and the thing with Arkan....it was a humiliation for him and the club. He did some VERY good jobs for us, but now he deserves a good transfer.
Claudio Lopez: good buy, the boy is seeded in our team.
That makes: Lopez, Salas and Inzaghi..one man missing....a predator, a young and proven goalscorer....it has to be....Hernan Crespo! (surprise, surprise). He may be expensive, may have a contract with Parma....it doesnt matter, we need him! No Jardel, no Palermo...CRESPO!
In midfield nothing should change. ALMEYDA is one of the few defensive midfielders around who has flair..the guy is pure class, therefore the guy is PURE LAZIO. Stankovic will be a bomb in a few years. Keep him!

Defense: Well, if we go on a shopping tour to Parma, take Cannavaro. Cannavaro and Nesta.....wow!

Carini is another good buy. Otherwise I would have opted for Buffon, but now I am satisfied.

I know, this will cost a lot of money, but 3 new players and a new Nr. 2 keeper should enable us to win everything next year. If we need some money, sell:
Boksic, Ravanelli, Couto.
Crag will still have to put "some" money into the transfers, but he has the money....

Next season:
Pancaro, Nesta, Cannavaro, *****
Nedved, Almeyda, Veron, Conceicao
Lopez, Crespo

The dream is alive....


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Hope your dream will come true, but....
If you say our dream needs consistency, then why buy/sell? :)

I think Couto is a great back-up!
Dont sell him!

Still, if you say a 4th striker, I say Solskjaer.

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Michel, 3 new players are the absolute maximum. We need some new talent, but not a new team. Lopez, Crespo and Cannavaro..thats it.
3 new players wont kill my dream of consistency...Buying Rivaldo, selling 4 players and then buying some new does...

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...of getting Crespo and Cannavaro

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!

Thats a real good one Amoroso, and you are probably right too!!

Forza Lazio
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