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well, first of all please understand that i'm not rubbing salt into juve's wound or bringing this up just because we lost today. this has always been in mind and i'm very very frustrated when i think of it. well, i seem to be the only guy in this forum who thinks that juve should spend more and not only on young players.......and i still stand by my ideas. whenever i write things like that, i'll always get a reply saying 'look at piero, he's one of the best and he's from juve's youth' or 'we buy young players because they will have team spirit when they play in the future future' and stuff like that. 1st of all, how many del pieros can we be able to get out of the youth?? now, now, i know that u are going to tell me there's guzaman and he's going to be a hit man. but really, how many can we get with the talent of DP? 1 out of 10 maybe?? how many nesta have emerged from lazio's youth team?? how many tottis?? don't give me that MU example, this is italian league we're talking about. i'm not trying to say that we shouldn't buy young players at all. but the problem is, juve can't seem to find the right players for the current team. okay, let's cut the crap and get to the point. the point is, JUVE GOT TO BUY SOME 'KEY-PLAYERS'. i prefer to use that word than 'star players'. without veron/nesta= no lazio, without totti= no roma, without batistuta/rui costa= no fiorentina. i don't mean that the club would totally fail without those players but can u imagine what will happen without them??

i say buy 'KEY PLAYERS' and people will come telling me they won't have team spirit, they won't sttle, they just play for money and stuff. have u ever thought of the likes of figo, thuram, crespo and all those 'key-players' wearing a juve jersey? i know juve won't go for that and that's why i'm writing this. i know we can't get all the 'key-players' that we want but i think some of them are realistic, some of them are in juve's reach. i mean, at least it will be better if juve were to make a bid!! at least a bid!! really man, what's the ****ing problem with juve?? i believe that outside europe inter and ac milan is more well known than juve because inter have got ronaldo and the most expensive player while milan has been in europe and the van basten/gullit era shot them to worldwide fame. what about juve?? people don't really know DP outside italy!! IF zidane goes, it will be even worse!! that's the problem with juve.......thay don't have enough 'key-players'. do u guys get me?, cause i'm not really good expressing myself in words. okay, juve should spend and they should spend wisely. i'm not saying that we should go splash out $50 for a player. lzaio, inter, and milan are the buying experts. veron just came in and look what he is to lazio. look at shevchenko. have u notice nakata? maybe that is what it is all about......juve don't have enough 'key-players' that's why people say we play boring football. would u rather watch conte dribble/pass the ball or veron(if u're not a juve or lazio fan at all)?? zambrotta or figo?? tacchinardi or totti/nakata? pessotto or rivaldo?? which player would u want to be in ur team?

please, juve have their good points and as a juve fan i know them. today, i'm talking about their bad points. tell me u know that feeling, tell me what u feel when u see lazio bidding for rivaldo, milan wants rebrov, inter wants batistuta but when it comes to juve.......TA-DAH, big news, juve want di michele, juve want salva, juve want some player from norway/belgium/serie c league. i don't know about u guys but i feel really bad an disappointed. at least it would make me happy if they say juve interested in some proven good quality world class player, but no , juve and their ****ing policy is making me really ****ed up.
know why lazio are well-known and respected in europe (even alex fergie said they have a good team)?? because the players they have from the first team to back-up team are all quality players!! if u STILL don't get what i mean, well, the one main thing is juve should start buying wisely and properly. i'm saying all these cause i just want the best for juve. look at oliseh, bachini, o'brien (last year's purchases), i hope juve can and will do better this year. last year was really disappointing. juve should do better in the market. to maintain juve's status as a prestigious top club not only in italy/europe, juve have to get better players and not look one way towards youth. serie A is tough challenging and hectic. there's not much time to groom young players. i'm always afraid that juve will be like ajax. they sell all their best players away and never bring in good ones as replacement. though they have one of the best youth system, they are still failing and fading away slowly. lazio is not even in the top 15 clubs (if u get what i mean, the big 15) but they're strong in europe and italy because over the years, they invested a lot in players like veron, salas, mihailovic. and so are roma and parma. u got to get 'THE PLAYERS' man, really, trust me on this.

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