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I have not seen Juve play this well for a long time. What's also important is that some of the subs are playing well:


Think about the team this year compared to last year.

Zidane to Nedved. Zidane is by far more technically gifted but he is more entertaining than effective like Nedved. Nedved makes up for it with speed and a great shot.

Thuram & Buffon/Carini. Gives us extra security at the back and Thuram is the greatest right back in the world in my opinion.

Ancelotti to Lippi. Lippi has the track record and he definately bring more entertaining football. You can see how this side has grown since Lippi took over.

Tudor. He is a more versatile player this year with Lippi proving he can play well in midfield.

Trez and not Inzaghi. This does not need explaining!:D

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Well certainly the future looks bright...
Our A team seems very solid and our B very motivated.
Nedved has been in the top 5 players of the week for 4 weeks now and his central position really looks to have rejuvenated him. Zenoni has shown the Milan management yesterday they were wrong to involve him in the Inzaghi deal. Our veterans -especially Ferrara- are really doing great and our youngsters are beginning to find their place. Pitbull is again a nickname that suits Davids perfectly! Buffon is imperial and we can rely on an excellent Carini when backup is needed... Montero is back and so will Tudor very soon ! Salas resumed light trainings and I expect him to play before the end of the season. Trez and Alex are doing amazing and the fact that we have the best attack record (35g) this season is really pleasing me! I still remember friends of mine two years back laughting at me coz Juve was winning 1-0 all the time... Our defence is not bad either ! One little Serie A goal conceeded in 4 matchs, that's impressive !

In Coppa Italia we're likely to reach the final (and eventually -probably in fact- to win it, our 10th) which is excellnet off course compared to oue early elimination last year at the hands of Brescia...

In the Champion's League Italian highest hopes of glory are -frankly... I don't mean to hurt Roma supporters but I don't see them qualifying- put in Juventus. As long as we win our home matchs (something we've been quite successfull at achieving so far) things will go right for us.

As for the Serie A even if we're less close to the leaders than last year (we were 2nd with 39pts while we're now 3rd with 37pts), it seems we're on the right train and the big tests against Chievo and most of all Roma will give us a better idea on our ambitions...

We're enjoying a formidable moment but let's keep the feets to the floor coz overconfidence brings nothing but dissapointment...

Forza Juve ! :happy::star:
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