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A friend of mine (Real Madrid supporter) was talking to me about how much Real Madrid are better than Barca. How much they beat them in the eighties and nineties and how they are beating them now.

But is that true?

Barcelona end of year league positions:

1990-1991: Champions
1991-1992: Champions
1992-1993: Champions
1993-1994: Champions
1994-1995: 4th
1995-1996: 3rd
1996-1997: Runners-up
1997-1998: Champions
1998-1999: Champions
1999-2000: Runners-up
2000-2001: 4th

Real Madrid end of year league positions:

1990-1991: 3rd
1991-1992: Runners-up
1992-1993: Runners-up
1993-1994: 4th
1994-1995: Champions
1995-1996: 6th
1996-1997: Champions
1997-1998: 4th
1998-1999: Runners-up
1999-2000: 5th
2000-2001: Champions

Barcelona Copa Del Reys since 1990: 3
Real Madrid Copa Del Reys since 1990: 1

Why is it that Real Madrid supporters think that they rule Spanish soccer, when its clear that their not doing? Barcelona have been better in the league than Real over the last ten years, even over the last five years.

Doesn't matter anyway, Macca, Zidane, Figo, and Hierro will all be retiring soon. They are all getting old and crepid. :howler:

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I've spent a lot of time in Alcoy, Spain, where 90% of the city follows Barcelona. All my friends would tell me how much better Barcelona was, bla bla bla, and since I wasn't used to that level of fanaticism (being from the US...) I chose to follow Real Madrid instead. (Eventually I turned more towards Valencia, but that's a later story)

I also have a friend who went to Madrid for two years of study, and he got sick of all his friends telling him how great Real Madrid was bla bla bla, so he became a Barcelona fan.

Fans are crazy, blind, and stupid, until you become one of them.

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You got R.Madrid fans that will say R.Madrid are better and you've got Barca fans that will say Braca are better its a simple fact of life.
You can pull all kinds of statistics out of everywhere to support your team but all anyone should worry about is how they are [playing now and in this season.

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As I heard someone say once: Two kinds of people are not to be trusted: men with beards and Real Madrid-fans. Never ever listen to them since whatever they say it's crap.
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