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The EPL donates ...

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£1m to the aid efforts in Asia after the earthquake and tsunamis killed over 120,000 people (death toll expected to rise).

If people here still want to donate but don't know how then the telephone number is 08705125125 or you can go to www.redcross.org.uk. Please donate whatever you can, it all helps and goes along way.
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Thats a real nice thing to do. I aplaud them. :thmbup:
Yeah, nice of them. City are 60m in debt, so can ill afford it, but at least we made an effort. To teams like Chelsea and United 50k is nothing, and they should have given what they could afford.

Don't you remember the story of the collection plate in the synagogue. I can't remember its proper name, but a rich man gives loads, and then a poor woman gives all she has. The rich man mocks her, but Jesus defends her cos she gave the greater amount.

~ The Green ;)ne
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