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The difference between Juve and others..

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I often answer myself a question.What is the difference between Juve and other Italian super clubs,I mean AC Milan,Inter and Lazio of course. Here is my opinions about it:
1.Juve can be called *Star Team* meanwhile other teams can be called *Team of stars*.I mean Juve never buys a superstars,they buy a tallented players for a cheap price and they become a superstars at Juve.But others(Milan,Inter,Lazio) are buying a players who are already a superstars and spend a lot of money on it.
2.Juve's game depends not on it's players,mostly it depends on it's tactics.Certainly there is a few players that can be called *keys* but in general they can be replaced by others.For example if the Juve was ready to Alex injury last season,i mean if they a had a Esnaider at the beginning of the season ,it think they could win scudetto,or gain Champs League spot at least.But in others(Lazio,Milan,Inter) their game depends mostly on their players mood.For example:Lazio didn't have Nesta against Valencia and what happened?They lost 5-2.And in match against Feyenoord Veron wasn't in good shape and they lost 1-2 in ROMA(!)...Like this i can talk about Inter too.When they lost Vieri they lost all their's chances to scudetto.And Milan?What they could do without Sheva?Nothing.
3.Juve doesn't spend a lot of money on it's players so they don't have mone crisis if they fail one season.And what about Lazio ,Inter,Milan?If the Lazio failed this season all their would have been sold to other teams.It was said by their officials.And Milan?Do you remember when they sold all players when they had a crisis.Players like Davids,Kluivert and many others were sold.And Inter is the same.Just doesn't have so many stars as Lazio and Milan used to have.They can's sell Ronaldo because he is the one of directors of the club.But Vieri is about to be gived back to Lazio...and so so so....
So Guys I think it is better to be called *Star Team* than *Team of stars*
Forza Juve!Forza Italia!
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The differrence is simple
We have 25 , others just 2,1,and 16 tops

Forza Bianconerro
The difference is simple:

We've got lo scudetto and you don't!

Ooops, I promised myself not to tease you, but I did! Shame on me! Forgive me! ;)


Genoa,Napoli,Torino-all these teams used to be a champion too...
well said Nyuka
Tht's reveal true Juve colours


Winning one scudetto doesn't mean anything.
The difference is so simple,Lazio got 2 while we got 25...
It's 2 STARS against NIL star.
Wht's the glory of winning one when u lose out so many times.
And in actual fact, we donated the scudetto, Lazio didn't win it!
& never forget, Lazio was relegated from Serie A in history and even face relegation to Serie C.

You said it yourself.

Flame me....my prxxx is waiting.
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Yes Lazia ... you win this year, we don't .... I won't complain and whine.
100/2 = 50 but ours 102/25 = 4.08
So its gonna take us 20 years to get 3 stars and you 4 centuries.

Forza Bianconerro
Errr, Tears4Fears,

It was just a joke! :) Perhaps not one you can laugh at right now, but there's no need to take it serious!

Winning a scudetto doesn't mean anything? Well, to me it sure does! I think to Lazio it sure does! After waiting for 26 years don't you think it means something? It means a hell of a lot!
Besides, do you know how much money's involved?

No, 2 scudetto's can't be compared to 25! But what has that got to do with it? I was just looking at what happened on Sunday, certainly not at the past! There's absolutely no use in doing that. I think it's just a comfort to you. "We didn't win it this season, but hey, who cares! We've already got it 25 times!"

You donated it? So, you mean you gave it away? Why did you do that? In that case, last Sunday probably wasn't painful for you guys at all! You didn't even care about that scudetto! Crap!
I think we did win (3-0?)... If we would have lost, you guys would have been the winners, so don't start talking about donating! It sounds like we didn't do a thing, we got it just like that!

Relegation? Again, what has the present got to do with the past? Do you honestly believe that's what I'm thinking of at the moment? "I shouldn't celebrate the scudetto right now, because zillions of years ago we played in Serie B and even faced relegation to Serie C!" Yeah, right, in your dreams!



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Yes Lazia ... you win this year, we don't .... I won't complain and whine.
100/2 = 50 but ours 102/25 = 4.08
So its gonna take us 20 years to get 3 stars and you 4 centuries.

Forza Bianconerro
For your first star ^_^

Forza Bianconerro
Oh you meant tht was a joke...
Tell me so...I'll go post some 'jokes' on Lazio forum....i suggest tht you go joke with gorillas.
Hint Of The Day
Try playing with the gorilla dixx.

26 yrs and spending a fortune to win a scudetto, you have my sympathy.
It's terribly pathetic.
Pls send my condolences to Lazio

We donated the scudetto when we were leading 9 pts. I dun know wht happened...anyway we lost and I accepted it, however, it was your teases tht piss me off.
How abt a striptease for all Juve fans.
Entertainment are appreciated by spxxx.

Past has got nothing to do with present?
Try raping a gorilla and ten yrs later tell everybody tht it has got nothing to do with you.

I really hope you find my reply entertaining
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Tears4Fears, I understand your disappointment, but to say that Juve have donated the scudetto does not do justice at all to Juve! Give credit to them!
The thing is, NO team can be at their top performance during the whole season. It's simply unrealistic. Thus, realizing this, a team (and the coach) know that it's inevitable that at a point of time during the season, the team will underperform. In the case of Lazio, it happened after Christmas, and in the case of Juve, it happened in the last few games, which cost them the championship. Juve ran out of gas. Don't forget that the players are human beings!
Last season, Lazio slumped towards the end of the season, and that, too, cost us the scuedtto. This season, we've learned from that mistake. Eriksson certainly did! So it's a matter of timing too, actually.
Really, if you keep harping on 'Juve donated the scudetto', do you think people will respect Juve for that? Be gracious in defeat as well as victory.
And now, let's look ahead to next season, and hope it'll even be more exciting! :)

Forza Lazio
Serie A Champions 1999/2000
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fine then....
I never complaint or moan too much abt the defeat..anyway it's over
i'm just pissed off with Lazia.
Perhaps I might invite her over for this week mess ogry..
First of all shame on you Nyuka for not mentioning Parma and Roma at the top teams.

Secondly,the past is past,the future is future and the present is present.Lazio is champions at the present so we,the rest,ought to zip it.Especially Juventini.

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
hey AMOROSO! Roma and Parma is good too.But i have never seen them winning SerieA.I am in a very good opinion about Parma and Roma.And I will never forget Parma' excellent victory over Olimpic Marseille last year.
Forza Juve!Forza Italia!
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