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The "demolition-mission" has begun..

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Yep, folks, it's time for the red and white wizards to show Europe what football is all about..:)
It all starts with these fishermen from the Faroe Islands, so good luck Zvezda (they don't really need it in the first round, but who cares? :D)...
Show 'em what you are made of..Like you showed Partizan..:D
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Funny thing is, I just saw UEFA's team coefficients for the last 5 years, and Zvezda is 143rd, which of course is very bad, but what makes me LAUGH is that Partizan, who were the dominating force in our league (or were they?:D) the last couple of years (not including last year of course:D), was 205th...:)
So I guess I maybe have more reasons to be confident..:D

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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