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Argentina, France eliminated. Everyone remaining is beatable. Italy should probably be favored against everyone else (with possible exception of an in form Brasil).

The cup is right there for the taking if the Italians could just find some joy in the game and look forward to victory instead of fearing defeat.

Italy needs a killer attitude. Its not enough to just think they are good on the attack, they need to prove it every game. This is a cup where we should be kicking ass. Italy should be showcasing its talent instead of wringing its hands. Totti - Vieri - (Montell/DB/Pippo) should have opposing teams pissing their pants in fear.

Instead we have Trap publicly worrying about Ecuador. Admitting that he is so afraid of Ecuador that he is going to start a more defensive team. Afraid of Ecuador? Mighty Italy afraid of a first time team in WC. Come on Trap, let the dogs run.
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