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I am not a great fan of french football but I did see the cup final today and must say that Calais and landreau are a credit to french football.
Calais for their passion and determination and to accept defeat gracefully after being robbed of extra time and landreau for his gesture of taking up the calais player who gave away the penalty to collect the trophy with nantes. If I had to complain about 1 thing it would be the dive that conned th ref in giving the penalty to nantes.
But on the whole the final was a credit to french football, the players, the fans and the passion of football is what football is all about and that was what was in the cup final. I was also impresed by the way the nantes fans congratulated the calais players.
Its a shame the fairytale story didnt have a happy ending but I was emotionally touched by this final. What a wonderful spectacle of the beuatiful game.
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