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I just say NO, NO and finally NO to this crazy deal between Lazio and Parma!

Crespo is a worldclass striker but look at what he will cost us... Salas, Almeyda and 10$!!!
There is no way that he is worth all that if you ask me!!

Almeyda wanted to leave so thats OK and if you look and the money is not that much for Craigs wallet but what about Salas??? He is not in Crespos class but he is pretty close so give Parma him with Almeyda and cash seems just so stupid!!!

And all top of this we are still collecting these Argentinas players and right now we will have 4 in the staring lineup and one on the bench and that is to much, it will not work to get more and more forigeners in the team if you ask me!

One more thing... salas loved Lazio for sure and to sell a great guy who wants to stay is also a huge mistake! A player who really likes the club he plays for is something to care about because a player like that brings alot to the team in different ways!

...I can just salute Tanzi,Parma and all there fans for making the deal of the summer!

... Its going to be a hard time to watch Lazio-Parma the coming season... I will miss you Salas!

Feel free to replay in any way!

Take care!

/Jonas L

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There are 2 cases:

a) Almeyda keeps being injured all the time and when he plays he is out of form like this year.Salas has difficulties to score like this year.In this case,Lazio got the best part of the deal.

b) Almeyda and Salas find their usual form.Almeyda becomes last year's Almeyda aka Lazio's MVP and Salas bags goals as he did in his first year in Seria.In this cse,Parma really screwed Lazio.

10.000.000$ = a very good defender.Lazio could use him and Parma can also use him.I hope Tanzi will realise that.

Fair deal if you ask me....

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I think it is not such bad deal.
As you said , Almeyda does not won't to play for us anymore.
So he should go and he is gone.
$10 is nothing today in the world of football.
But Salas is player that I am going to be sory for .
He is a great player,although he did not score so many goals for us this season (12 in league,and couple more in
Europe)and i think he shoulded stay in Lazio .
But he is gone and we can not do anything about thet anymore.
We now have Crespo ( superb player ,he is good finisher and thet is what we needed this year )and of course Claudio
Lopez to partner him in dream attack for next season .
Whit this two players and Peruzzi and Baronio Lazio is going to take CHAMPIONS LEAGUE next year.
Sory for bad English.

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Gialloblu you said the truth .:)
Whit Lazio midfield who is the best in the world ,striker
like Crespo will easly score 25-30 goals.:):)
But you will have Salas :cool:

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My 2 cents: Lazio looks to have an awesome starting line-up but I don't think they're doing enough for the bench (particularly the defence). With Cragnotti's current financial dispositions Lazio will need CONSTANT success trophee wise and concerning CL progress. Otherwise it will backfire dramatically in terms of deficits and shareholder value. Very interesting indeed.

N.B Parma made the deal of the year selling Crespo.


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Well... Ofcause it will be great watching Crespo score for Lazio but i cant say i am happy anyway...

I am thinking of the words from Glen... I must say that i agree in every way!
We will be forced to take big titels and we wont have any really good subs on the bench for the defense... and we will also be a foriginers club...

I dont like this at all :mad:

Take care

/Jonas L

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Don´t tell me you don´t like this line up:

*****, Nesta, Couto/Miha, Pancaro;
Conceicao, Baronio/Simeone, Veron, Nedved;
Crespo, Lopez;


Cragnotti knows what he is doing.


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what i an thinking about is with all da Crespo goals parma still didnt won nothing , and i am gona miss EL matador but this is life i still hope he scores many gals fore CHILE.


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Well Emir... I cant say that i dont like it ;)

And i cant say that i dont look forward to see this lineup but... And there is a big but here and that is all the foriginers and that the deal that gave us Crespo sucked bigtime as i sad in my first post...

But thats soccer today i guess but i dont like it because this deal between Lazio and Parma is not in Lazio favor i am sad to say!

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Just how much does Crag think Crespo is worth. Is he that much better than Salas? And Salas and Almeyda together plus money is crazy. We were meant to be building on the success, not ripping the team apart. Almeyda was our best player two years ago, and I'm sure Salas will come good again. There are enough problems with players wanting to leave clubs that with someone like Salas, who loves Lazio, it is crazy to get rid of him. Lazio will regret this day.

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JUAN F, no way Nuno Gomes will join Lazio. After Euro, there will be a lot offers for him, but as I sid befoe, we allready have many great strikers...
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