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Don't we have too many Argentinean players already. We shoule focus on having a good team even when Argentina are playing national games. I think we should keep Salas, he is one of the best strikers in the world when he is fit. Probably Crespo is better but not as much better as the price tag says.

However it would be nice to have him in the team. I don't think the Zenden/Conceciao/Almeyda deal sounds that bad. I'd like to keep Almeyda but he is obviously not happy at Lazio and Conceciao mix outstanding performances with quite bad performances and Zenden is more or less like that too. The thing is that I rather keep Salas then Conceciao.

However I think we can win almost everything even with the team we have right now. Our biggest problem is if Veron will have a bad season who will then be the dirctor of the midfield ?

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And why did u bring that up in new Topic ? We don't vare how many italian's play in Lazio, but how got they play. I don't care what Cragnotti does, if Lazio is winning, I LIKE IT ! :p
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