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Words from Sr: Sergio Cragnotti about the game against Venezia: "Nesta was great, Mancini worked really hard, Veron was fantastic and once again Simeone was decisive. But everyone played very well against Venezia. We fought when we needed to, and we have to continue like this because we now have a couple of weeks full of emotions."

Doesn´t really sound like Veron is going anywhere and I have a hunch that Simeone might be here for some time.

Words from Jr: Yesterday, after the win over Venezia, Sergio Cragnotti's son Massimo said what before were only rumors.
Massimo Cragnotti: "For the next season we won't sell many players and we won't buy many players, so no revolutions like the papers says. We are only going to do smaller reinforcements in the team. We want to add a couple of champions to the team, and for the attack we are looking at Crespo, Batistuta and Vieri."

:) Mighty bobo in Lazio again .. would be a dream come true but why oh why was he sold in the first place then ?!?!?

I´m just looking for one of the Cragnottis to say - C Lopez is bought and the papers are signed sealed and delivered.

I´m really more excited about C Lopez then the possibility that Vieri might turn up :) Lopez could play on the wing and as a out and out forward. He´s the man behind Valencia and he killed off Lazio in the CL !! What a player he is.

Imagine this: Lopez - Veron - Simone - Vieri on the field at the same time .. the opponents would be terrified add to that Conceciao and we have ssssssssspeeeeeeeed !!!

Forza La<io !!

Claudio Lopez would definitely be a good buy, if we´re only to have a few changes in Lazio in the nearest future. He did kill off Lazio and it was actually on the very same basis that Inzaghino was discovered and he´s done a good job! Lopez is young and got loades of potential left!!!
I don´t think they´re gonna buy Vieri yet: A trade of such a big playes as him wouldn´t even be hinted as Cragnotti Jr. did, but kept on very low terms and only spoken on, when it was ab absolute fact!

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If you wanna put pressure on the opponents, buy Lopez (which is done already, so no need for the "woulds")

If you wanna put pressure on the Lazio medical stuff, buy back Vieri.
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