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Polemics is the key word for this world cup....................

brazil gets a penalty shot that didnt occur and no suspension for rivaldo (though i love the guy) even though FIFA states that they will crack down on cheaters..

isn't it ironic that italy has the best referee in the world yet are always stuck with mediocre officials? either the linesman was too in-ept for this level of soccer or he was in on a conspiracy.. i suspect the former which illustrates what a horrible job FIFA is doing

how will italy respond to this??? the media will be on top of trap for his sudden tactical change (along with conspriacy theorists) so i suspect italy might go into a media black out a la 1982.... and we all know what happened then

France, Argentina, Italy, and Portugal nearing the brink...... what has the world come to????
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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