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I've already posted this in the match thread, but part of it also belongs here:

FIFA should step in and take a good look at the match footage and first off all reverse the yellow card Vieri got, then suspend the linesman for the rest of the World Cup as he is obviously not up to the job!!!

This whole situation is an outrage!! The only thing a linesman has to do is run with the forwards to see if they're not offside... a very simple task, and this man proved to be unable to do even that!!! Then he goes even further and elevates himself to the level of match referee by making decisions on a supposed foul commited on the field!!!

And this isn't the first dubious decision in this tournament! The reason for it is of course that FIFA has purposely put mediocre/low class referee's on the group stage matches, to 'save' the good referee's for the later stages and/or for important matches (like Argentina-England for example), but the matches of the group stage are just as important as the other matches!! And good refereeing should be a basic right that football teams are entitled to, not something given to them by the 'grace' of FIFA when they deem the match or stage of the competition important enough!! Instead of a electing new president, FIFA should concentrate their energy on finding/educating better referees!!
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