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Fernando Roig (president of Villarreal CF) is a man with clear ideas. The ones that know him well know that he's one of the most important business man of Spain. He worked with his brother Juan to build a competitive basketball team in Valencia (Pamesa Valencia), a city without tradition in this sport. But Fernando always was "futbolero", so he decided to buy the club of the city where he has his factories: the Villarreal CF.

He knew that if a team of a small town of Villarreal wanted to be among the best clubs of Spain, they had to buy good players to achieve it. So he started to look for Spanish and foreign stars. So he brought players like Palermo, Anderson, Riquelme, Battaglia, Jose Mari, Roger, Forlan, etc. But at the same time, he knew that only with "stars", you can't build a big project. The future of Villarreal should be in the town.

So Fernando Roig has built the great "Ciudad Deportiva" in Villarreal. These facilities are a pride for the club and the town and have raised the envy of many historical Spanish clubs.

Hail to a club that cares about youth. :thmbup:

Here is a report of what they have:
Our ‘Ciudad Deportiva’ is one of the most important soccer sporting complexes in Europe. With a 70,000 sq. metres extension and eight soccer fields, is the main training field not only of the first team, but also for the reserves and youth squad. It also has a residence for the youth squad boys, who come from any part of the world in order to get trained as soccer players. This facility is located in cami Miralcamp, close to Villarreal city, which allows supporters to enjoy day-to-day training, and participate in local competitions.

The training pitches

The Villarreal C.F. Ciudad Deportiva (Villarreal sport facilities) has three natural grass pitches, all of them with floodlights. One of them is used for the training of the first team. The other two are used by the 2nd team to train and play their matches. One has capacity for almost 3,000 spectators. There is also a new generation artificial grass field, of 90 x 60 metres, which has the possibility of becoming two soccer-7 fields.
These eight soccer pitches also have a building with eight dressing rooms, four for soccer-11, twelve for soccer-7 and four for the referees.

The social building

Our Villarreal C.F. Ciudad Deportiva (Villarreal sport facilities) also counts as the social building. On in the first floor you find the club offices, two complete dressing rooms for the first team, a press room, a medical area, a gym and hydro massage cabin and two offices for the technical staff.
On the second floor there is a coffee shop with outdoor terrace to the soccer fields, a kitchen and the residence (also in the 3rd floor), with capacity for almost 90 children that have chosen Villarreal C.F. to become soccer professionals.
The residence hosts youngsters between 14 and 18 from all parts of Spain and the world. These teenagers have a special educator and follow their studies at the Miralcamp secondary education institute, near the Villarreal C.F. Ciudad Deportiva.
That way, the 90 boys that live in the residence dedicate their time to soccer and studies.

Not only does the first team train in the Ciudad Deportiva, but also the rest of teams that form the club as a whole. That way, with Villarreal C.F. and the reserve team, which belongs to the 3rd Division, 38 teams train daily, from very little children to under-18. Our club also has two girl teams.
Players like Javi Calleja, hector Font or Santi Cazorla –all three in the first team right now-, Pere Martí – transferred to Elche team in 2004/2005 season- or the world sub-champions with the under-17 Spanish national team Cesar Arzo, Xisco Nadal and José María Cases, are the first fruits of this new but also qualified youth squad


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That's a hell of a lot better than what Napoli ever had during their million-dollar hey-day during the 80s.

This guy (Roig) simply doesn't mess around and surely goes balls to the wall.

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surely a man with the best intrests of the people in his mind let it continue
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