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Hope you like it. (just a sample)

Paisley Road West

Ever since I recall I have followed football
And ingrained in my heart are the Rangers FC
Through good and the bad, times of happy or sad
It will always be Rangers for me

For when I was a lad I was led by the hand
Down the Paisley Road West I will never forget
That beautiful sight of the red blue and white
From that day I’d be Rangers for life

Then I vowed to my dad if I too have a lad
I would show him the way as he did on that day
And so now here I stand with young Lyle by the hand
After walking down Paisley Road West

There's a great sense of pride that I feel deep inside
As I'm watching the Gers with my father and son
And its sure safe to say at the end of the game
Win or lose we all follow on.

http://media.putfile.com/Monaco95 this is an oldie)


Have you seen the Glasgow Rangers, have you seen the boys in blue
They’re admired by all who know them, if you saw them so would you
Loved by all they are good sportsmen, for fair play they top the poll
There’s a roar that beats old Hampden when they score a winning goal

From the slopes of dear old Ibrox, thousands gather for their play
And they’re glorious and victorious, When the Rangers win the day
They have played in Monaco, they have played in USA
But the greatest game in history is the game on New years day

It’s the home of famous hero’s and their praises have been sung
Willie Waddell, Tory Gillick, Alan Morton and George Young
Oh when all my life has ended and when death has made its mark
May they scatter all my ashes on the slopes of Ibrox Park

With the Angels I’ll be singing up in heaven in the Glen
I’ll be happy and contented when the boys have won again
On my harp I will be playin in the sky way up above
I’ll be singing follow follow to the Rangers that I love

Inter Milan Song


On the 6th day of December, was the UEFA Champions league
Inter Milan they came to Ibrox, as we chased the last 16.
As the teams ran out the tunnel, all our hearts were filled with pride
For the whole Govan stand was a Union flag, with a Saltire on both sides

Oh play up the Glasgow Rangers, play up the boys in blue.
Our destiny is the Champions league it all comes down to you.

Now the game is quite a contest, but it sure is going to plan
Adriano scores for the Italians, cancelled out by Lovenkrands
1 all in the final moments, though that score is no victory
The last 16 is within our grasp and a place in history

Oh play up the Glasgow Rangers, play up the boys in blue.
Our destiny in the Champions league it all comes down to you.

The referee has checked his timepiece, he’s preparing to blow for time
And the players are all still digging in, and they’re fighting side by side
Now the noise it is quite deafening, as the fans are in full voice
So you couldn not hear the final whistle as the Rangers fans rejoice
So you couldn not hear the final whistle as the Rangers fans rejoice

Living Our Dream


When you pull on the jersey
Of this famous football team
Know that when you play for Rangers
You’re living our dream
You are part of something special
Cherish every shirt you wear
After you have played for this great club
There is nothing can compare


Rangers ! Rangers !
Playin for Rangers FC
It’s the highest honour a footballer in this team
Is Living our dream

Willie Waddle, Alan Morton
Tiger Shaw and Geordie Young
Many more their name in the Hall of fame
And hero’s every one
Can you put your name there with them
Can you reach the standards set
By those legends who wore the Rangers blue
And we never will forget


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TheSpaceCowboy said:
Excellent stuff Jonny,dont suppose you have the full version of that first one?
No mate. I'll post a link when the CD is released and you can buy it! I will be! :)

Also, you might be interested in buying the new BO Scarf. Links can be found on the usual websites. :thumbsup:
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