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This a topic just so we see, what should be done in Real Madrid. In each position we have possible players to buy and sell, and you choose which one...

Cesar(coming in from Valladolid at the end of the season)
Illgner(I say we sell him)
Casillas(will be fighting it out with Cesar next season)
Bizarri(the 3rd goalkeeper in the team - everyone has to have this kinda guy:)

All in all nothing more should be expected here. Cesar is coming in, so we have more then enough here, ==> sell Illgner. DO NOT buy Dudek!

Defenders :(this is tuff)
Hierro(old, but has to stay)
Sanchis(ah! keep him:)
Ivan Campo(burn Motherfuc*ker. burn, Sell him, but who'll take him?
Karanka(dunno, I'd keep him for another year and then we'll se)
Salgado :)
Roberto Carlos :) NON EU :( correct me if I'm worng, but he should get a spanish passport next year?
Julio Cesar (haven't seen much of him so far, but he is young so he has to stay)

Players to buy:
or Soll Campbell
or Rio ferdinand
or ???

Definitely needs improvement.

Guti(has to stay)
Redondo (I'd sell him, but that's MO)
Savio :) :) :) NON EU :(
Geremi :) :) :) NON EU :(
McManaman (hmm, I'd keep him, but who knows, maybe del bosque has diferent ideas?)
Karembeu (IMO he should be sold, not discussed this have we?)
Solano(I'll believe it when I see it, but he's said to be a Real player. Perhaps a good edition, although I ma sceptical. NON EU :(
Cambiasso(said to be a great prospect, I wanna see him back from loan, 18 years old!) NON EU :(

Players to buy: (only possible buys though!)
Pablo Aimar NON EU :(
Effenberg (bit old, but still great)

We need a playmaker! Redondo is not doing the job at the heart of the midfield. All you fans of his, face it!

Strikers ans support strikers:

Raul :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Morientes :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Anelka (well, what do we do? the truth is not a lot depends from del Bosque but the player himself; but all in all let's give him another shot)
Ognjenovic (dunno, hasn't impressed me, but is still young) NON EU :(
Meca (keep him)
Zarate (why isn't he playing, we should buy him from Velez! definitely!) NON EU :(
Aganzo (???) NON EU :(
Baljic (he will stay) NON EU :(

Players to buy:
Amoroso ( so good, why didn't he come in this summer???)
Wiltord he may be the solution to all our problems. A typical p[oacher, and he's damn good at it!)
Mijatovic(I love him!)
Milosevic (one of the three Yugoslavs!)

So now, send in your own thoughts on the subject...

If we take into account all the rumours that have come up, weed out the unprobable ones, and add in my own personal preferences, next year's squad would probably be somewhat like this:


GK Cesar

GK Casillas
GK Oliver

Bizarri was a star in Argentina and is only 23. I think it'd make more sense to loan him out than have him as 3rd goalie. Oliver is from the youth team.


RB Salgado
CB Hierro
CB Cannavaro
LB Carlos

CB Defender X
CB Julio Cesar
CB Karanka
LB Dorado

Salgado has no sub, but Geremi or Defender X could be makeshifts.

Defender X is a right sided central defender. Big, quick and with a good aerial game. Will replace Hierro eventually. Cannavaro would be a longshot but we should at least get someone of his quality.

Our left back position is secure as it is although Roberto Carlos can use being a little laid back.


RM Lauren
CM Helguera
CM Guti
LM Savio

RM Geremi
CM Marchena
CM Redondo
PM Playmaker Y
LM Balic

I think Lauren (Mallorca and Cameroon) would complement Salgado on the right flank better because he's the run-down-the-flank-and-cross type while Salgado goes more towards the penalty box. Then again, Geremi would provide stiff competition.

Marchena is a well-built under-21 international from certain-to-be-relegated Sevilla. soccer-spain.com links him to Real Madrid and Bayern. I heard news that it would be better for Cambiasso to stay on loan at Argentina so he could have a better chance at making Argentina's U-21 side. Sanchis, well he's served the club well well, but I think it'd be better if he gave way to the younger players.
Playmaker Y could be anyone, preferably French cause he's on the team primarily to supply Anelka. With him, Guti, Helguera, Redondo and Marchena, there'd be some variety in central midfield and a lot of competition for the two spots.

McManaman is out because he's the highest-paid player on the team and hasn't produced. Meca would go on loan and would eventually replace whoever loses out in the Savio and Balic battle for the left wing position.




If Anelka clicks this time around, I think these would be enough. If he doesn't, well let's hope Zarate turns out to be an Argentine gem. And he's got an Italian passport, too (just found that out a few minutes earlier).

On loan:

GK Bizarri
CM Cambiasso
RM Eto'o
RM Ognjenovic
LM Meca
ST Tote
ST Congo


Seedorf (done)
Karembeu (he's rotting in the bench here)
McManaman (he just might stay if he can shine during the remainder of the season, otherwise, he's out)
Illgner (he's out of contract anyway, right?)
Ivan Campo (he just doesn't cut it)

Rodrigo (he's on loan to Valladolid and he's insisted that he won't go on loan again. too bad for him.)
Canabal (on loan to Rayo. we've no use for him.)

This squad wouldn't have as many established stars, but I think it's more solid. Makes business sense as well. Perhaps you guys could name some names for Defender X and Playmaker Y...

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Whoops that's only 24 players. I think the 25th and last would be Alvaro Benito. A right sided midfielder currently on the team but injured all year. While he was injured, Real Madrid extended his contract to until the end of next season. He was so thankful he said that he's give everything for the club when he's finally able to play.

And some other names that have come up, rumoured with Real Madrid throughout the season (some are pure bull, though)

Valerio (Betis, Spain)

Cordoba (Inter, Colombia)
Hibic (Sevilla, Bosnia)
Marquez (Monaco, Mexico)
Djetou (Monaco, ???)
Christanval (Monaco, France)

Solano (Newcastle, Peru)
Riquelme (Boca Juniors, Argentina)
Zanetti (Inter, Argentina)
Celades (Celta Vigo, Spain)

Totti (Roma, Italy)
Tristan (Mallorca, Spain)

labas, the team you're hoping for is so big. you only list 25 players in La Liga and we can't afford so much anyway.

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Well, good thing you pointed out some of my "forgots".

Ivan helguera should definitely stay. And now that you've mentioned Sevilla, why not get Vasillij Tsartas. he is an absolutely wonderful playmaker! About the other playmaker, you pointed out he should be French = Zidane. he once stated he would like to once play in the Primera for one of the big 2, Barca or Real. We should try to bring him in, perhaps in exchange for Anelka:) I also like the Diego Tristan rumor, he is very GOOD. The same goes for Totti, but we all know that's crap. I wonder who this lauren fellow is, I know him a bit, but is he really that good?

And the guy I shopuldn't have forgotten is Edwin Congo! he should be able to solve all our striker problems, he is excellent, just needs a chance.

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Ok, some corrections. Eto`o has been sold to mallorca ( no chance ), Lauren has said that he will leave for parma next year for sure and what are the chances of getting Zidane? If there is any1 we should get as easy buy are: Salva ( If we offer him 1 mill,he`ll take it)
Dessailly(He could be good in the future and we desparetly need a pure starter)

We can`t just get rid of all our players and restart like inter and this summer marseille, we have to keep with our unit.

Salva has been stuck at 21 goals for months now, and besides many of his goals are penalties anyway. Desailly is just as old as Hierro. I agree we shouldn't be like Inter and offload half the team and buy another set of big-priced players. But with the team I mentioned, the core is still there, only the problematic areas have been altered.

player, I also heard about that, but nothing confirmed. I hope so cause tht would reduce the huge number of non-EU players in our squad.

Labas, I think Zidane is out of our reach. When I said the playmaker is preferably French to combine well with Anelka, I was thinking more in the line of Stephan Dalmat and Johan Micoud. I particularly like Dalmat's vision and creativity as he showed during the Champion's League first round. He's the next big thing in Franch soccer.

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It´s certain that Lauren will go to Parma next year, and I rumoured that Micoud is heading there too! And since when Dalmat has played as a playmaker, for what I know he plays on the leftside of the midfield, very similar to Giggs! Here´s what I suggest; Get Fiore from Udinese to replace Redondo and the playmaker could be Rui Costa, Zidane, Pires (also from Marseille), Mendieta or Totti! We´ll see what happens!

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French soccer. Dalmat is IMO the biggest heap of **** I've ever seen. I do not understand why he is so highly rated. He is though a playmaker, but I would never buy him! I posted about Zidane and our chances of getting him under the topic "our attack has no depth". Micoud is a wonderful idea, but:
1) he is most likely going to Parma
2) he is a LM, not a playmaker, although I agree he would be good.

Another playmaler I juts thought of is Djalminha! He is GOOD! Maybe we should bring him in and he'd be the next Rivaldo? (also from Deportivo :)

Dalmat can also play central. And he can help out in the ball-winning duties, too! But his real strenghts are his dribbling, vision and his pinpoint passing.

I also heard that Micoud is heading to Parma. But he's said to be the replacement for Gallardo. If that's the case, then he can play central. He did quite well standing in for Zidane in a recent friendly.

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Ok, I understand we have a Deportivo fan here :) About the non EU problem, it seems to me it may not be all that bad: (BTW where have you been Raul???!!!)

Roberto Carlos (will have spanish citizenship by next year, so :)
Julio Cesar (already has spanish citizensh.)
Zarate (has italian citizensh.)
Redondo (has spanish...)

these don't:

Players to arrive:

perhaps Djalminha! we don't have all that much non EU's when you look into the future. I mean most of those guys are not first team regulars...

Aganzo is Spanish. He was actually part of the U-21 side that won in Nigeria.

Balic is also non-EU.

Djalminha is one helluva footballer, I agree but I'd still prefer those who go back to help win balls, can hold on to it and have dead-accurate passing like Veron, Mendieta and Dalmat.

I forgot one player that was rumored to Real Madrid: Sebastian Deisler. They say he's pretty good. I haven't seen him play, though.

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Deisler is not good./ he is awesome. BUT... he plays exactly the same thing Salgado does, and when I say exactly I mean EXACTLY. A right defender, who runs up and down the field all the time, very offensive = Salgado. But I didn't know that rumor. And it can't be true because del Bosque will not buy 2 players for the same position of that class.

Why are you so stuck up on Dalmat, he is nowhere near to Djalminha, IMO he is an overrated chump, that's all. The Brazilian whod be much better for us, trust me.

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Johan Micoud and Lauren will play for Parma next year.Also Cannavaro and Amoroso are not for sale.

Vassilis Tsartas is good and a hardcore Real fan.He snubbed a move to Aston Villa in the summer and swtayed to play with Sevilla because he wanted to attract interest from you.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!

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Yep! So we have quite some options.

1) Zidane - I won't let him go :)
2) Tsartas - could be useful as a playmaker
3) Gerard - why not try?
4) Solano
5) who else, I know I forgot someone...

I may sound ignorant, but I am honestly clueless, is Tsartas (Greek) an EU player.

Zidane. The first time the sun rises with me knowing that my team has Zidane on their roster, that would be the day. I'm not holding my breath for that though.

Gerard, oustanding with the head and very young. But Milan, Inter and Roma are ahead of the race, if and only if Valencia decide to release another one of their stars.

Solano, you gotta trust me on this, Labas, he cannot play in the center of midfield. He would be trampled. He is very short (only 2 inches taller than R. Carlos) His premier talent is crossing.
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