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the best player...

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who do you think is the best player in french league? is it monaco player? or marseille player?
many french player or player who plays in french league have talent like zidane has...
so who in yor mind could be point as the best player?
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humm i have not been following lots of french matches this year..but i would say i am quite impressed by the monaco trio simone-gallardo-trezeguet...probably the best in the french league .. ;)

the best french playmaker right now ..is maybe johan micoud i guess...dalmat looks gd too..
pires is also gd ..but i think he plays muc better as winger,...he doesn't seem to have enough stamina to do playmaker..
Best Monaco player this season, are 3 actually, Trezeguet, Gallardo and Djetou.
Bordeaux's Johan Micoud has been very impressive in the French league and in the Champions League, and so has Robert Pires for Marseille. Rame and Porato have played quite well this season, maybe they'll both get picked for France for Euro 2000, if Lemerre decides to take 3 goalkeepers.

These are the best players in the french league.

Forza Lazio!!!
i don't really find him gd..

rame is on the other hand!i think he's worth a spot in the french squad!

hey just watched trezeguet play v/s OM..
i think he's real gd!!
better than i thought...he just had 2 chances and scored!!!
this guy's got great shooting accuracy and flair and control...

i think he's the BIG prolific striker france's been lacking ...
In my opinion,Micoud is better than Pires.He is more calm and rarely puts a foot wrong or makes a bad pass,something Pires does all the time...

Its like comparing Zidane to Ortega.

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ortega the parma player?
so who's better? zidane or ortega? ;)
Have any clubs made any bids for trezeguet yet?
It would be a pity if the backbone of Monaco's succesful team this season left. but why would Gallardo,Trezeguet,Djetou,Christanval etc leave, when they can look forward to playing in the champions League next season?
Now Amo come on! Pires is Marseilles capitano, real leader! Micoud might be better at passing, but Pires beats him cleanly on dribbling, he can also decide matches if needed by scoring a big goal (like against Chelsea)! Both are still great players, not worthy of comparing to Ortega although they play the same position! I saw the Monaco-Marseille clash and Marseille won 4-2 without two of their best players (Dalmat, Pires), wait till next year and see how Marseille will dominate French league!

Here´s my list;

1. Gallardo
2. Micoud
3. Pires
4. Djetou
5. Trezequet

PS. I bet all these players will move abroad to bigger clubs next season!
micoud is a real playmaker,...whereas pires is much better playing as left winger as he did at metz!

about choosing bet. ZZ or ortega i would go for zZ without great hesitation..he's more composed, has great influence and is a more complete player...also like his attitude much better,,,
Driver x, as a professional player, i think their biggest dream is to be a player of the best team. if a player's goal just want to play in CL, why doesn't he play with team in unknown league, like in greeks( ;))
i am not telling you that monaco, marseille or bordeaux aren't a big club, but serie-a has considered as the best and the hardest league in the world and the top clubs have considered as the best club either...

i think...
1 gallardo
2 trezeguet
3 micoud
4 djetou
5 dhoraoo
yeah that's true..
french clubs have never been considered as greats...
there ain't many french clubs nowadays that are dominating theleague for very long..
even monaco last year wan't was gd...

and then they don't generate as much money from tv deals or sponsorships as italian or british clubs..so if the latters come in with a big bid..they would find it hard to resist!
Guysm,you misunderstund me on Ortega and Zizou.I was compraing the type of players....Pires,like Ortega is a dribbler,a showman with rare football abilities and great goalscorer but with absolutely no order to his game.Micoud on the other hand,is a tactic wizard,a player able to calm or speed up the game and open the opposition's defence with his passing and moving,an organizer of premium quality...like Zizou...

We all know that a (good) Zizou-type of player is more useful than an Ortega-type of player...thats why Micoud is better than Pires.

Note that i'm not saying that Pires is as good as Ortega or Micoud as zidane,both of them are FAR from it..

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Robert Pires!

...And on the seventh day God created David Beckham
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