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the best argentine in the last 4 years?!!

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Who is the best in argentine soccer in the last 4 years? that was the question(poll) asked by Ole newspaper- 2 weeks ago- to ONLY professional players and coaches in Argentina. They have to answer in 4 categories:
1- The best player in Argentina. (in the last 4 years)
2- The best player in the national team. (in the last 4 years)
3- The best coach. (in the last 4 years)
4- The best club. (in the last 4 years)

The final result:
1- Aimar
2- Batistuta
3- Carlos Bianchi (Boca Juniors' coach)
4- River Plate
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how come bianchi is not considered to coach the national team? he is a great coach. i like beisla, but coaches like diaz and bianchi are too good to avoid.
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