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Ok only two days left before i officially give up my exams 'cause then another football-party starts: euro 2000. openingsgame Belgium-Sweden. Who will win it?
here is a description of the (not wellknown) belgium squad: de rode duivels/les diables rouges.

we have a solid team of friends who would work their hearths out for each other. with filip dewilde they have a topclass goallie (they don't come better than this) and with staelens-valgaeren the centre of the defense is decentely covered.

the full backs are awfull: deflandre (on the right) is defensively not fit to play at this level and it had been a long time since i saw someone suck like leonard did in the last friendly game against danemark. i do belief that nico vankerckhoven can do more than a decent job on the left though.

midfield is somewhat strange. in my opinion this are 4 player who are all not good enough for this level. individually belgium has better players for each position. the strange thing is that waseige has made those "4 losers" into the strong thing of this squad. especially the wingers goor and verheyen can break open every defense (i can't believe i'm writing this, but it is true).

then there is the offensive compartiment. here we really have worldclass players. first there is nuilis (unless waseige decides to play strupar, but that would be stupid). anybody who has seen him with psv knows that i'm right when i say this guy can do everything with a ball. mihailovic watch your back 'cause if nilis can take a freekick, it will be the best of the tournament.

and last but definitely not least there is lokonda emile m'penza. this striker who has been transfered to schalke04 can and will be the revelation of euro2000. think of him as the improved anelka. or no don't just think of him as emile m'penza

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i think sweden have to win the first game against belgium to have any change to advance,sweden might win against turkey but italy is too dificult.
belgium is under pressure and must start by winning.
italy will win the group
and the other 3 will struggle to take the second spot.
this one will not finish with a win.
but who will be the winner and what score?
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