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I am beginning to notice a trend at C4

while they have recently been all over INTER thats not my issue

I have noticed they continue to twist peoples words out of context

Their latest blab is this

“I wouldn't want someone like Cassano. Real champions are people like Diego Maradona or Paolo Maldini, those who perform at the highest level all season,” seethed Mauro Camoranesi
Thats not even what he said and its a combination of a quote from Cannavaro and Cameronesi

Camo said he wud not have wanted Cassano at the world cup

Canna said that a real champion is someone like Maldini or Diego implying that he cant understand why a youngster like Cassano thinx he has the right to behave like this

Anyone else noticed C4 is going down hill and twisting other articles and quotes?
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